Yeti Tundra Coolers ReviewThere’s no question, Yeti Tundra Coolers have been proven to perform in every type of situation and environment imaginable. That’s because with its Roto-Molded construction and Permafrost injected insulation, you can’t buy a heavier duty cooler today. In fact, Yeti tundra is designed to take on the roughest terrains, resist ultraviolet light fading, and hold back the heat as well as any cooler at any price.

If your adventures call for a rugged Yeti Tundra cooler, then you’ll be able to count on the bear tested toughness of T-Rex™ lid latches and a Neverfail™ built-in hinge system that uses a full length rustproof aluminum hinge rod.

You’ve probably heard that a new Yeti cooler will cost a little more than the competition, and if you’re like most people, you’re probably prepared to pay a little extra if the quality is there. I’m going to outline the features and benefits of every size Yeti Tundra cooler here so you’ll be able to decide if there’s a Yeti Ice Chest model that fits your needs and budget.

When your done here you might check out the following other reviews and comparisons to help find the best cooler for your needs.

Yeti Tundra Features

Begin with this Yeti Tundra cooler review and learn about all the options to make it uniquely yours today!One of the things that makes Yeti shine the brightest has to be its feature packed design. [toc]Let’s face it, every step of the way you will find innovative quality design ideas.Let’s start with a couple of the lesser talked about ones first. Every Yeti ice chest from the Tundra 35 up comes with both built-in easy grab Lipgrip™ handles and Doublehaul™ military grade rope handles with no slip rubber grips. Another great feature is the Vortex™ drain system designed to empty water with a simple twist of the plug.

How about Permafrost Insulation. Did you know that Yeti uses up to 3″ with an R value of R-7 per inch in the lids of most coolers. This is equal to how well we insulate our homes here in Iowa for the cold winter weather. No wonder Yeti coolers will hold ice for days keeping your food and drinks colder longer. It makes sense to put more insulation on the top where the sun beating down could cook a regular cooler.Even the sidewalls have up to 2″ of the same permafrost insulation, and its injected into the case so it seals every inch of space.

Every Tundra series cooler has achieved Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee Certification through the use of a built-in continuous aluminum rod hinge system and paddle lock points on both front corners.

Every Tundra series cooler comes with a dry storage rack included which is a feature you won’t find in most less expensive brands. In fact many competitors of Yeti don’t even offer this feature as an accessory.

Every Yeti Tundra cooler includes a 5 year warranty against product defects to the original owner. This means piece of mind if a T-Rex™ lid latch should break during normal use.

Yeti Tundra Accessories for Sale

One thing that makes Yeti Tundra coolers stand out from most others is a long list of available optional accessories to make your cooler uniquely yours. I decided to show you just a few of the most popular ones here in case you wondered what your options might be.

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Yeti Products Pros and Cons

  • It’s not doubt that Yeti builds some of the most durable coolers available with technology that insures optimal ice retention even during extreme conditions. This is because of features like Roto-Molded construction and Permafrost full case injected insulation with values up to R-21 in the lid.
  • Because your new Yeti Tundra cooler is such an investment, you will appreciate the twin side built-in hold-down or lock -down slots for ultimate security. This is combines with twin corner paddle lock points to bear proof your contents.
  • Getting the most ice retention out of any cooler depends on having a cooler size that can be fully loaded with ice. That’s why Yeti offers so many sizes including the Yeti Tundra 35, Yeti Tundra 45, Yeti Tundra 50, Yeti Tundra 65, Yeti Tundra 75,  Yeti Tundra 105, Yeti Tundra 110, Yeti Tundra 125,  Yeti Tundra 160, Yeti Tundra 210, and the Yeti Tundra 250.
  • Yeti offers one of the most complete selections of accessories to customize and personalize your new Tundra Ice Chest.


  • It’s no surprise that the biggest drawback to owning an new Yeti Tundra cooler has to be the cost. This cooler series just doesn’t fit into every buyers budget. For that reason we offer our Grizzly Cooler Review as an alternative for budget friendly shoppers.
  • Yeti made the decision to list all their coolers by model numbers that Do Not represent their storage capacity in quarts like most other brands. This can be misleading when your shopping for the right sized ice chest for your needs.

Why Purchase a Yeti Tundra Cooler

Let’s face it, Yeti builds a well built cooler. As good or better than any other brand out there. This has to be the reason they are the number one selling performance cooler line hands down. The Yeti Tundra series of coolers will give you years of dependable service and will keep more food and drink colder than most less expensive ice chest on the market.

Yeti offers the most complete line of promotional accessories and customizing accessories anywhere. So if you plan on having more than a basic white cooler stuck in the corner to hold a case of beer then Yeti could be your best choice for custom options, like security and decorative products. Just the Badger trolley wheel system listed above makes the larger Yeti Coolers a great choice for ease of moving a fully loaded large cooler.

Who Should Buy a Yeti Ice Chest

I think everybody would like to own a Yeti Tundra cooler. But, that’s not always going to be practical for everybody. Let’s face it, the average Yeti costs about 20-40% more than a comparable sized Grizzly or K2.

Owning Yeti is kind of a status symbol and if you can fit one into your budget then you will share the pride in knowing you own the best selling and most popular cooler product available. If you’re use to buying brand recognized products as a sign of quality then spending a little extra on an original Yeti Tundra Bear Resistant cooler is probably the best choice for you.

Here is a side by side comparing details of every size Yeti Tundra cooler. If you’d like to learn more just click on any picture or dollar signs to check out more information including buyer reviews. If you’d like to check out other premium quality coolers that will leave money in the budget for extra ice and a ton of beer then check out my favorite Made in America Grizzly Coolers Ice Chest Review .

Compare Every Size Yeti Tundra

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