what makes Teeter inversion tables different from the restSearching for an inversion table that will deliver a solid well-built design can be confusing. There are many that claim to be just as good as a Teeter, ever wonder why they want you to think that? (Disclaimer: I own an Ironman Gravity 4000 which is still the best seller on the internet, so what I learned researching this review was eye-opening) By the time you are finished here, there should be no doubt in your mind why they, including Ironman, want you to think they’re as good as a Teeter.

Only UL Listed Inversion Tables

[toc]Everybody wants to buy a safe and durable product. We have all shopped for something one time or another and checked to see if it had a UL listing which was our assurance that the item we were buying was safe for use in our home. Underwriters Laboratories has been testing everything from electric toasters to almost every mechanical product in your home for over half a century now.

What most people don’t know is that a company has to pay for UL testing and there is no guarantee that their product will pass the strict testing. That’s probably why only Teeter inversion tables carry a UL listing. That’s right, no matter which Teeter inversion table you select, it’s design has passed all levels of UL testing, no other inversion table brand can say that, not Ironman, Exerpeutic, Innova Fitness, or Body Champ, and certainly none of the $110 knock-offs trying to get you buy their product and save big.

So when I tell you Teeter passed UL what does that mean for you? It means that while your new table has a listing that it will work for anyone weighing up to 300lbs. its design was tested and certified by UL with 1400 lbs. on the table running through thousands of inversion test cycles. It was tested to never tip over, even with that heavy load or buckle or break. It also means they build every table with the highest quality welded frame work and that every piece is either powder coated or chrome plated for years of durable performance. It means no plastic pivot bushings like many of the brands mentioned above. Check out UL 1647 for more information on testing standards.

Teeter EP Series Frame Design

As I mentioned above, Teeter uses a heavy gauge round edge tubular steel frame for all of their inversion table base systems. The stretch and grip base assembly comes pre-assembled from the factory. This assembly has extra wide factory installed protective feet which add to the stability that helped them achieve UL listing. These feet will not fall off like many lower quality tables with snap on plastic feet. Like the base frame, the heavy welded main body support frame comes pre-assembled with the lower back support already attached.

Teeter Hang Ups EP 560 Inversion Table folds flat for storage

The Teeter ComforTrak™ Inversion System

Teeter ComforTrak backrest with acupressure nodes and lumbar bridgeI think ComforTrak™ is one of the unique parts of the EP series design I like the best. That’s coming from a guy who purchased an Ironman Gravity 4000 inversion table without doing his homework (it’s a best seller, that should be more important than finding quality, right). While researching the Teeter EP 560 inversion table, I tested units in two different stores for extended periods of time to see how the Teeter measured up to my Ironman.

What I learned was that ComforTrak™ delivers a more comfortable experience in every test I ran. I wanted to see how comfortable it was compared to my 2-1/2” memory foam unit. What I found out was that Teeter uses a flexible back support system designed with steel reinforcing hoops around the edge of the backrest that flex with you while giving solid support.

Because of the ComforTrak™ design, the bed breathes through the slots that run up and down the length of the bed platform. This mean a much more comfortable user experience in warm room temps than sinking into a hot foam pad and sweating. The slots have a much more important job though.

ComforTrak™ allows the user to insert acupressure nodes or a lumbar bridge (optional on some models) to create a unique user experience not available on any competitive table. While a few other units offer a movable lumbar pad (my Ironman 4000 does) no other incline unit lets the user set acupressure nodes (described in detail below) to enhance their decompression experience.

The ComforTrak™ Backrest also provides the user with 3 built-in stretch assist handles, one on each side of your head and one above your head to aid in achieving a full stretch to your routine.

The Teeter Roller Hinge System

teeter inversion table roller hingeThe EP series uses a patented roller hinge on all their tables. So, what is a roller hinge and why will have the Teeter design benefit you? The roller hinge is the bar assembly that has the pivot bar pin on one end and a series of 3 holes towards the other end. Teeter uses a hinge which lets you easily adjust your bed from one hole setting to another. These holes change the arc or swing of your table. The hole farthest from the pin is designed for beginners as it makes the widest or gradual arc. The hole closest to the pin creates a sharp arc and is used to go to full incline lock-out.

EP 560 Ergo-Embrace Ankle System

The Ergo-Embrace ankle support system uses the same type design comfort cuff ankle pads for both the front and back of your ankle that they designed years ago for the Hang Ups inversion boots. (think comfortable enough to suspend your entire body weight by your ankles) These pads are very different that the round foam rollers used by many cheaper tables.

comfort cuff Teeter ankle supportErgo-Embrace also uses a locking pin assembly with a spring loaded T-bar front cushion control system. You operate ergo-embrace by pulling the locking pin with one hand will pulling the T-bar assembly back against the fronts of your ankles. You then release the pin-lock to secure your ankles in place.

Another great feature that I’ll add to this section is the ankle comfort dial which is part of the foot rest assembly. You will find that the foot rest can pivot 180 degrees and on the opposite side it will set 1 inch higher bringing you ankles closer to the comfort cushion pads if you invert without shoes on. I love this feature on the EP units since I’m always inverting without shoes at home and my Ironman does not have this feature so I slip up and down when inclining.

EP 960 EZ-Reach Ankle System with Triple-Lock Security

The EP 960 series unit takes ankle and even lower back comfort to a new level with their EZ-Reach ankle system featuring triple lock security. As the name implies, ez-reach offers the user an extended handle that acts as a one handed push button ratchet action locking system. Simply press on the release button and pull the front mounting bar comfortably back against your ankles and release the positive locking system. To dismount from the system, press the button again and push the assembly away from you.

Teeter EP Series Acupressure Nodes

Acupressure is an ancient practice of eliminating pain by applying pressure to a specific part of the body which relieves nerve soreness and tension in another area of the body. There are many acupressure points on the back region and it’s not my intent to detail that here.

The Teeter acupressure kit works with the ComforTrak™ backrest assembly to let the user combine standard inversion therapy decompression with the pain relieving option of back acupressure therapy. The acupressure kit comes with 8 nodes, 2 each of 4 sizes. The user can either place the nodes for stationary acupressure therapy or use more of an oscillating action by moving around and stretching to create more of a shiatsu type massage.

Teeter EP Series Lumbar Bridge

Teeter also designed a lumber bridge system created to be used with the ComforTrak™ backrest. Now, I’ve mentioned before that others offer lumbar pads, but with the EP series you will be able to set both the location and how far out the bridge projects. This lets you control the amount of arch the table will put in your back while inverted. This can be a big deal if you are dealing with a very sore back and don’t want the lumbar support projecting out to far.

EP Series Vibration Cushion with Infrared Heat

Teeter full back massage with infrared heatHave you ever used a back massage pad for chronic back pain and discomfort? While other companies make you decide up front whether to buy a bed with or without an infrared heat system, Teeter has created a unit that works as an accessory with any of their tables which gives the user a 10 motor vibration system that runs the full length of your back. This unit also includes a dual zone infrared heating system and the entire thing is controlled by an easy to use wired remote control.

Best part, if you like to relax with a warm massaging heat then you can use this model designed for any of the EP series decompression tables but it will also work while you’re resting on the couch. Teeter Hang Ups Vibration Cushion for EP Series

Owners DVD with 5 Instructional Videos

Teeter includes a great color assembly and owner’s manual set with every unit like all their competitors, but they are the only company to send you a DVD with every unit that details how to assemble your new table as well as instruct you on how to get the most out of your new unit. Beyond that, Chiropractor Dr. Shawn has included 5 instructional routines that will teach you how to warm up your spine, strengthen your core, and improve your posture.

Teeter 5 Year Bumper to Bumper Warranty

Bumper to Bumper, not a good choice of words, sounds like a car salesman. What else do you call the only warranty on any decompression unit at any price that covers any part including the freight to ship it to you for a full 5 years. During my research on many incline tables I’ve read where a couple of people referenced the “cheap plastic backrest” on a Teeter inversion table. To that I’ll ask you, would you rather have that injection molded backrest with a 5-year replacement warranty or the foam covered fiberboard backrest on my Ironman Gravity 4000 that only has a 90 day parts warranty?


An inversion table can make a positive impact on your health and wellbeing for many years to come. That is if you buy one that will hold up and deliver a good user experience day in and day out. So, when I tell you there is less than $100 difference between the most popular selling decompression table on the internet that has none of these features, and the table I just described to you, I’m going to add that I  think you’re worth the added investment in your health.

There are 4 possible options for you here if your ready to take a closer look at the Teeter difference. I’m going to describe each quickly with links for the best pricing options I found on the internet for each.

Teeter EP 560 Inversion Table

This is the most basic model that gets you every feature listed above including the Ergo-Embrace ankle support system. This basic package does not include the acupressure nodes or lumbar bridge assembly. If you are new to inversion or even if you are looking to upgrade to a higher quality table but don’t plan to use your table in full Lock-out or 90-degree incline, then this table is perfect for you. It will be the most stable and safe decompression table you can buy.

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Teeter EP 560 Ltd. Inversion Table

This model is the same as above but you get the acupressure nodes and lumbar bridge included for about $25 extra.

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Teeter EP 960 Inversion Table

The EP 960 is the right choice if you suffer from more extreme low back pain as it features the EZ-Reach Ankle System with Triple-Lock Security described above. This unit is also a great choice for a more advanced user because of its included Traction Handles for added stretch options as well as easy release from full inversion Lock-out. The basic EP 960 does not include acupressure nodes or a lumbar support.

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Teeter EP 960 Ltd. Inversion Table

Same features as the EP 960 listed above but includes the acupressure nodes and lumbar bridge system

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