travel planning list for your next destination vacationGetting to travel is exciting, but with that excitement can come the challenging questions of what to put on the travel packing list and which luggage will need to go to carry it all?

Your travel packing list will probably depend on the type of trip you’ll be on and how many days you’ll be away. We use to think that travel meant an exact extension of living at home and for that reason use to way over-pack.

[toc]Today, no matter the duration of our trip, even heading out of the country means a lighter load with better planning.

Carry-on or Checked Bag

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There is a big debate about traveling using what we use to call ultra light with carry-on luggage only or treating yourself to larger checked bags. Since the idea of checked bag extra charges is back more people than ever are packing as many carry-ons into the plane as possible.

This may work to your advantage because even the biggest airlines, Hey there AA my favorite flying buddies, will let you check an extra carry-on in the hold for free during boarding.

A couple of trips ago, out of the country, my wife and I debated on putting everything into carry-on luggage or checking one bigger bag. We picked checked for more space and our main bag missed a connection because of a delayed flight. Thankfully we took an emergency change for just such a problem. But everything for the beach arrived the next day to our room, bummer.

So, the debate rages on and we’d love to hear about your experiences, especially planning for longer destination or cruise trips?

Most airlines will say that you can plan for one official carry-on (Up to 45 inches (22 x 14 x 9 in) or 115 centimeters (23 x 36 x 56 cm) including handles and wheels) plus one personal item. This is where you get creative, they say this can be a purse, briefcase, or laptop case, but many people, ourselves included will stuff the biggest backpack they can find as their second carry-on. Only restriction is that it is supposed to be smaller than the standard carry-on sizes listed above.

We now travel with spinner style carry-on luggage which is designed with 4 sets of double wheels so it rolls right along side of you all through the airports and around your resort during check-in. Read our review here We simply stack a second backpack on top and off we go! Each of us brings this type of combination and we are packed for a week of relaxing anywhere.

The bottom line here is that you have to be able to stow everything you take on board either in the overhead or below the seat in front of you for take-offs and landings. Be sure and check your seat assignment because there are 2 rows in every plane with no seats in front of them and you can’t place anything on the floor there during take-offs or landings. Why not read my in-depth Delsey Luggage Helium Hyperlite Review? This is some of the lightest weight (think more clothes) luggage available in a heavy duty travel worthy design.

TSA Travel Packing List

People either spend  to much time worried about meeting TSA check-in regulations or they forget them all together and end up with possible check-in delays at the airport.

We have learned to carry handy 3 oz. plastic travel bottles that we simply refill before each trip with products like shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and even suntan lotion work well here to meet the TSA 3 oz. carry-on limits.

Since TSA regulations will change from time to time we decided to give you these official links to read their current regulations for your travel packing list.

Traveling with liquids TSA requirements

See the list of TSA restricted items here 

You will find different packing options for checked baggage here as well, so these guides may be helpful in deciding whether to bring checked luggage on your next flight.

In short we recommend that you take a minute to check both of these lists and amend your travel packing list to take them into account if you plan to travel only with carry-on luggage.

Travel Packing List Destination Travel Tips

If your travel plans are for a destination trip, where you land and stay at one location, then your travel packing list will revolve around the type of destination and of course the weather forecast.

Most resorts have laundry services available for a small fee, so plan out about 3 outfits that can be mix and matched for a week long trip. Two sets of swim wear give you one to enjoy while the other is drying but many people will rely on just one set for space. Our experience says that a lot of beach wear can be worn through-out the day.

Master Travel Packing List with PDF
thorough packing list for your next cruise vacation

Here is a printable PDF copy if you’d like to print it off   General Travel List

Check to see if your destination requires more formal attire like long pants or button collars for a man’s evening dinner attire?

Hint: plan for weather changes, is it practical to bring a light jacket for rain or cooler than expected temps? You want to pack as light as possible here so thoughtful planning of an item of clothing that would work for evening walks on the beach as well as a light rain shower might work best.

The most often forgotten items on every packing list are toothbrush, sunglasses, socks, a hat, and sunscreen. Remember our reference to lost luggage above, we paid $20 for a bottle of sunscreen in the Dominican Republic because we took swim suits in our one carry-on but left the sunscreen in our checked bag that was delayed by a day, hence the 3 oz. bottle of sunscreen that always travels in our carry-on now.

Travel Packing List Cruise Travel Tips

read our travel packing list and find tips for planning your next cruise or destination travel plans

Freestyle cruising in Honduras

Planning for a cruise can be different than a destination trip  because of some more formal options still offered on most cruise ships. We opt for more Freestyle travel these days but a first time cruiser might want to take advantage the formal dining evenings and memory photo opportunities.

While the packing list above will work for your cruise or destination trip just as well we want to point out that the list is an all-inclusive list and you will want to eliminate anything from here that you absolutely don’t need to be carrying.

The idea is not to forget any essentials but to pack and travel as light as your lifestyle will allow. This gives you the best chance of enjoying both your travel experience and actual leisure time.

A travel packing list will be unique to each traveler and trip so the idea of travel packing tips can be endless. We’d love to hear about your travel experiences and tips that could be added to the article to help other readers.

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