top 5 styles of Desley Luggage Reviews all in one easy to compare reviewI’ve been flying for the better part of 35 years and through that time I’ve seen a lot of different luggage. So when I decided to review the Top 10 Best Luggage Brands for 2016 I knew the research would cover a broad group of product types.

After all, I’ve personally gone through the phase of grabbing the cheapest luggage I could get in time for a trip, only to have it fall apart after a few uses, to spending a little more time researching more durable and higher quality spinner bags designed for lightweight travel through airports and even on international flight legs.

[toc]When I set out to research this article I decided to group my findings both by average price points and by specialty use products so you will be able to narrow down which brand should be the best luggage choice for your future flights.

So, without further ado’ here are our picks for the Top 10 Best Luggage Brands for 2016.

Briggs & Riley Luggage

Briggs & Riley luggage offers a lifetime free repair warranty for any damaged bag no matter what caused the damage.We have to begin our review with Briggs & Riley as the undisputed highest quality luggage brand in the review. The reason we state highest quality here is because Briggs & Riley is the only brand in our research to give every bag they sell a Lifetime performance warranty. This means if your bag is ever damaged or broken, even by an airline baggage handler, Briggs & Riley will repair it free of charge.

For this reason we recommend Briggs & Riley as the best choice for regular business class travelers.

Delsey Luggage

Delsey premium luggage features their patent pending overweight indicator system to avoid overweight checked bag chargesDelsey Luggage comes in next in our review because it features some of the highest rated features of all the brands we reviewed. Most notably Delsey features their Patent Pending Overweight Indicator System in several of their products. This feature alone is ideal for anyone searching for larger luggage that will be checked before boarding because it lets the user make sure the bag weighs in under the standard 50 pound weight limit imposed by most airlines to avoid substantial overweight penalties.

The next feature highlighted in our Delsey research was the availability of both hard side and expandable soft side model sets along with a large selection of Spinner Trolley model luggage bags. I’ve reviewed several series of Delsey Luggage and offer the following in-depth reviews.

Delsey Luggage Chatillon Expandable Collection Review

Delsey Luggage Helium Shadow 3.0 Spinner Trolley Review

Delsey Luggage Helium Hyperlite Review

Each review covers the line in great detail. Including sizes and weights of every model as well as best features and also features unique to the series. You can see all bag styles and color options in the review.

TravelPro Luggage

our review explains the difference in features from TravelPro and the other top 10 luggage brands for 2016Next in our Top 10 Best Luggage Brands is TravelPro which falls into about the same price point as Delsey but features different product options.

TravelPro offers a selection of Rollaboard Suiters as well as a complete line of Spinner Luggage in both Expandable Softside and Hardside models.

Expect to find TravelPro Luggage starting under $100 with options from Soft Totes to 29″ expandable Spinners.

American Tourister Luggage

Read our review of top 10 best luggage brands including american Tourister designes like Star Wars, Disney's Cars and Mickey MouseAmerican Tourister comes in as our choice in a complete mid priced line. You will find complete sets for under $100.

Do you have youngster traveling with you? American Tourister offers a great line of specialty labeled luggage with designs like Star Wars, Disney’s Cars, and even Minnie Mouse exteriors.

With Expandable Softside as well as Hardside Spinners you will find a complete selection of value priced luggage options from American Tourister.

Samsonite Luggage

Read our top 10 review of the best luggage brands for 2016 including the entire Samsonite luggage lineWe placed Samsonite Luggage right in the middle of our review because we found them to be the best overall value for the majority of both business and casual travelers.

Samsonite offers the most diverse range of luggage products in our research. In our research we found both Expandable Softsides as well as Hardside Spinner models up to 29″, but along with the standard Carry-on choices we also found a complete selection of Underseat Large Wheeled models as well as large capacity Wheeled Duffle Bags handy retractable handles.

Look for Samsonite 2-piece sets starting as low as $70 which makes this brand a great value. We found thousands of Amazon ratings with an average 4.7 star overall customer rating across the entire Samsonite product line.

Pierre Cardin Luggage

Read our review of the top 10 best luggage brands for 2016 including Pierre Cardin LuggagePierre Cardin Luggage is a great value priced luggage brand that looks like a much more expensive product line.

We found through our research that Pierre Cardin doesn’t offer as complete a selection of luggage options as some of the other brands in our top 10 review but the brand has quite the following since it’s been around for decades.

US Traveler Luggage

Read our review of the Top 10 best luggage brands for 2016 including the New Yorker 4 piece set from US TravelerUS Traveler is one of our two choices in value priced luggage sets. We reviewed the US Traveler New Yorker Expandable 4 Piece Luggage Set which we found available for as little as $85 for the complete set. While this is a value priced softside set, it still features rollaboard wheels and collapsing handles and received over 500 5 Star reviews on amazon.

The expandable design allows for upto 25% additional storage with the compartment expanded.

Rockland Luggage

Read or review on the Top 10 best luggage brands including several models from Rockland LuggageWe placed Rockland Luggage as our second value priced luggage system that delivers great value to price. Like many of the other brands in our review the Rockland Luggage series offers models in both Expandable Softside and Hardside Spinners in all sizes.

We found some very interesting designs in Hardside Spinner Carry-on models as well as 3 Piece Rockland Hardside Spinner Sets in 18 different designer vivid colors for as little as $122 for the set. If you struggle with locating your luggage in the terminal pick-up then be sure to check out these designer finish sets.

With over 700 Amazon reviews we noticed many reviewers mentioned how easy it was to locate their luggage upon arrival and also that they felt the luggage was a good value for the price.

Athalon Luggage

Read our review of the Top 10 best luggage brands for 2016 including the large selection of rolling duffel bags from Athalon LuggageAthalon Luggage is a unique company because they specialize in Roller Based Duffel Bags only. We were impressed to find Duffel style luggage that fit into the same size groups as standard luggage but with the collapsible storage option of a duffel.

Front feet allow the roller duffel design to stand up while in the terminal and the fact that these bags are machine washable means they will hold up to heavy use.

If you like to stow items in different places then check out their 15 pocket model complete with inline wheels and retractable pull handle.

WallyBags Luggage

Read or review of the Top 10 best luggabe brands for 2016 including the complete line of garment bags by WallyBagsWallyBags Luggage features a complete line of garment bags and garment bags are all they do, so you will find the best selection of any brand we reviewed.

WallyBags offers their garment bags from 40″ bags for about $30 to 66″ Tri-Fold Destination Bags for about $103.

For the light business traveler we read several reviews from people who would place their suits or dresses in a tri-fold bag and use it along with a small bag as their carry-on luggage rather than forcing work clothes into a standard carry-on.

We hope our review of the Top 10 Best Luggage Brands of 2016 has helped you become aware of some of your best options in luggage today. If you are planning a trip in the near future then be sure and read our Travel Packing Tips and Packing List for your Next Flight where you can find packing ideas for land based or cruise vacations and even download a full page PDF packing list.