Teeter Hang Up EP 560 Inversion Table ReviewMy review of the Teeter Hang Ups EP 560 Inversion Table is the result of 2 different in-store demonstrations and downloading all the manuals and warranty paperwork available. From this wealth of information, I have put together the most detailed review on the internet, complete with close-up pictures explaining every detail both good and bad of this top selling inversion table model. Be sure and read my section on how this manufacturer is the only inversion table company to have achieved UL listing on all their inversion tables


The heavy tubular main leg frames, that are both constructed of one piece formed steel, are some of the most ridged I’ve seen. When you add to them the heavy molded corner nonskid foot pads, you will find that the Teeter Hang Ups EP 560 has the most structurally solid foundation of any table in its class.

[toc]From there you should take a look at the solid back support steel structure that creates the backbone of the Teeter Hang Ups EP series design. I’ve included a picture here that shows the heavy precision welds used to put this main back support system together. In my picture you will see a large flat steel plate at the top which combines with metal bar hoops to give the upper table solid support while allowing the table surface to flex for user comfort.

It’s worth noting here that all metal parts on the Teeter EP 560 are either powder coated or chrome plated for years of scratch resistant use. Powder coating is a process of spraying a heavy material onto the metal surface which is then baked onto the metal creating a much more durable surface than simply spraying on paint like many cheaper products do. Also keep in mind that Teeter uses heat treating of key parts to insure that these parts will not flex under even heavy use.

The Teeter Hang Ups EP 560 and the entire series of EP tables have evolved over the years, away from a traditional padded backrest to offer the following big advantages to its users. It pains me to describe this system because I purchased an ironman Gravity 4000 with memory foam backrest thinking it would offer more comfort. Teeter hang ups ep 560 frame weld detailsWhat I learned while researching the Teeter EP 560 and EP 960 models first hand was that the ergonomically designed 2-piece high strength, high flex back support system actually gave me a better back support experience in both a stationary or relaxing, and in a flexing position.

I think this is because the Teeter backrest design is built with a solid back supporting structure down the middle and across the hips while all edges allow for comfortable yet supported flex. This design is key to assisting with spinal decompression.

I read a few comments where people called this backrest cheap plastic that could easily break. To this I answer, is that why Teeter puts a 5-year warranty on those parts while Ironman covers workmanship in their memory foam covered fiberboard backrest for 90 days? The real magic in the Teeter backrest design comes from the ComforTrak™ system. Teeter has designed the entire backrest surface with a series of slots and holes which serve two main purposes. Once you understand that the best use of an incline bed is to relax, stretch out, and decompress for an extended period of time, you will appreciate the self-venting backrest which is much cooler to lay on.

The second and biggest advantage of the Teeter Hang Ups ComforTrak™ system is the built in track grooves which allow you to mount optional back therapy and relaxation aids like the acupressure nodes and lumbar bridge which can be set to any position and comfort level that suites you to aid in the spinal decompression process. No padded backrest can offer the range of added back support options found in the Teeter Hang Ups EP 560. One last added feature built into the Teeter backrest are the three built-in stretch handles, one on each side and one above your head for added stretching options at any incline angle.

Teeter Hang Ups EP 560 UL Listing Details

Read about the Teeter Hang Ups EP 560 Inversion Table Review and watch our testing videoNo thorough review of the Hang Ups EP 560 or any Teeter unit for that matter would be complete without a detailed explanation of the number one incline table question, is it UL listed? For anyone who might not know, Underwriters Laboratory or UL for short is an independent testing organization that has been safety testing everything from electrical appliances to other household items for well over half a century. Any product which receives this listing is considered to be the very highest quality and safest product available of its type.

What many people do not know is that a company must pay to have their product tested and there is no guarantee that it will be high enough in quality to pass the tests. Also, since inversion tables are all built in China, they must all be tested there, which costs more.

The reason I wanted to explain all that was to make you aware of the peace of mind you should take when it comes to safety with any inversion table which receives a UL listing.

What I learned while researching this particular table was that Roger Teeter had a vision of safety and reliability for all of his products and so a few years ago went through a complete redesign of his product line. Today every Teeter design has been UL tested and certified to meet or exceed the UL Standard 1647. They are the only inversion table line I have found that has this certification for your safety. During the testing, each Teeter model was loaded with up to 1400 lbs. of weight and run through thousands of cycles to see how it would hold up. Now this is over 4.5 times the maximum 300 lb weight rating on the Teeter EP 560, but doesn’t that give you peace of mind to know that even with 1400 lbs. hanging on the unit during testing it didn’t tip over or break or fall apart.

Now I understand why no other inversion table company has the UL rating, either they didn’t want to spend the money or their system was just not solid enough to pass the testing.

Ankle Support

teeter hang ups ep 560 ankle supportsThe Teeter Hang Ups EP 560 is designed with what I call a cuff style wraparound rubber ankle support system for both the rear heel area and front ankle and top of foot area. (see pictures) The foot rest can also pivot from one height to a second option which brings your foot one inch closer to the ankle cuffs for added comfort.

When you’re ready to get on the table, first set the foot bed to the desired position and step up onto the foot rests. Then pull the secure release t-handle back and slide the front ankle cuff supports snugly against your legs. Simply release the t-handle from there and you’re ready to go, securely fitted into the wraparound ankle supports.

You can expect the highest level of ankle comfort from this type of support system. But as always I recommend experimenting with your own comfort options. I prefer to invert without shoes on, but many people prefer shoes and even heavy socks to find the right comfort level. Also keep in mind the degree of incline affects ankle comfort because the steeper the tilt angle the more of your own weight is hanging off your ankles. Keep in mind that it only takes a 40-degree inversion to achieve more traction than a hospital traction system and the ultimate goal of inversion is relaxation and back decompression. So you really don’t gain any more benefit by inclining to the point that it hurts your ankles.

Inversion Options

teeter hang ups ep 560 roller hinge releaseWhen it comes to inversion options the Hang Ups EP 560 has as full a range of incline motion as any unit available. There are two main parts to Teeters inversion control. First, I was impressed to find they use a quick release 3-hole roller hinge assembly. (see picture) The roller hinges let you adjust the pivot arc of the bed by releasing two hinges. This feature is good to understand because my Ironman Gravity 4000 has a similar 3-hole pivot system but you have to disassemble half the unit to change the settings.

Secondly, you will be able to set any degree of inversion arc you want with the easy adjustable safety tether strap. This strap links the support tree near the ankle supports to the main frame assembly to create a positive limit to the angle or degree of inversion.

The Hang Ups EP 560 is designed for users from 4’-8” to 6’-6” tall weighing up to 300lbs. Keep in mind that inversion is a balance thing, think of a fulcrum with a center pivot point and equal weight on each side. So, once you have your new Teeter inversion table set up you will want to experiment with height settings both above and below your actual height until you find near perfect balance. You will know when you are there because you’ll be able to lean back and place one or both hands over your head which will shift your weight just enough to cause the unit to tilt back naturally. When ready to set back up, simply lean forward and reach for the handy assist handles to right yourself.

The Hang Ups EP 560 is capable of going into full inversion which will let the experienced and physically fit user take advantage of full inversion exercises. For full incline you will need to set the roller hinge assembly to the “A” setting or closest hole to the pivot point which will allow full inversion. Keep in mind that full inversion is not intended for natural back decompression because it puts too much strain on the back muscles to allow them to relax. Full inversion is designed for advanced exercise routines. In order to get the most from your inversion decompression experience you will find a range of between 20 and 60 degrees of inversion will work best.

The EP 560 includes built in stretch handles on the backrest platform as well as on the unit frame. You can purchase accessory stretch grips that mount at the a-frame pivot point.


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Assembly & Storage

As with every review I perform, I got a copy of the assembly and user manuals so I could see what you will see when you go to put your new table together. I found both a Teeter Hang Ups ComforTrak™ series assembly manual for all models as well as manuals for individual models which will explain why you might see people complaining about the assembly process online.

It turns out that Teeter uses a standardized system design which I think is one secret to their success with the UL rating mentioned above. This means that most parts are the same no matter which Teeter EP series table you purchase. Because of this, the universal manual is designed with specialty pages inserted here and there to explain an assembly step that only applies to one or two table models. What this means to the purchaser is that if you get this manual version then you must pay attention to each page as you go through the assembly steps and make sure each step applies to your model. I say this is easy because I’ve been assembling products for over 40 years and have run across this before. This might be my one negative about the Teeter system in general. After all, I had to really dig through their web site to find manuals specific to each model.

The assembly process is pretty simple. The main front-rear leg assembly comes pre-assembled from the factory, as does the main back support tree with lower backrest section already mounted. You will also find part of the ankle support assembly put together.

If you have read that Teeter claims, you can assemble these units in as little as 13 minutes but you also read that this is impossible by many online commenters, I want you to know that both are correct. Here is why they are both correct, Teeter promotes this claim at the same time they send out this assembly manual for all models. teeter hang ups ep 560 table release lockWe are reviewing the EP 560 series table here which requires several more assembly steps to complete. These include about 20 pieces to put together the entire ankle support system which comes completely preassembled on the more expensive EP 960 series. There are a couple of other sections like this, the point is that if you are purchasing the less expensive Hang Ups EP 560, plan on about one hour for assembly time. Allow yourself time to put it together right, and then read the user’s manual and watch the included free DVD on how to get the most out of your new equipment.

The EP 560 measures in at just under 30 inches wide and you should allow about 7’ of space for full pivot of the table with a tall person on it. When it comes to storage, Teeter recommends folding the legs in to about a 20” space for stable upright storage against a wall. I’m not a fan of storing the table between uses because while it weighs 10 lbs less than the Ironman Gravity 4000, it still weighs 65 lbs. completely assembled.

Teeter gives you a simple release lock on each a-frame (see picture) so you could lift off the table and ankle support assembly as one unit and then fold the a-frame flat for under bed storage if you wanted to go to that much trouble.

Teeter Hang Ups EP 560 Inversion Table folds flat for storage

Helpful Teeter EP-560 Video

This video covers much of what I’ve detailed here but also shows the unit in operation including how to fold and store it.

Learn more about the Teeter EP 560 Inversion Table


I think I have covered above how the Hang Ups EP 560 goes beyond any other inversion table manufacturer to insure your complete safety. From the heavy structural design of their a-frame assembly to the extra heavy main support tree design of the backrest support system.

In every review this is the place where I recommend that you read my articles on inversion table health in order to make sure that inversion table therapy is right for you.

Here is a link to compare all my inversion table reviews on one page. With individual unit details and links to each of my reviews.

compare over 30 inversion tables with weight and height and price in one place


Teeter offers their customers an accessory rich list of standard or optional pieces to enhance your inversion table experience. The EP 560 inversion table comes with a standard detachable head rest pillow. If you want the best in inversion therapy options, consider the Teeter EP 560 Ltd inversion table which includes a set of acupressure nodes and the lumbar bridge which must be purchased separately with the basic EP 560 model.

If you really want to take your inversion decompression experience to the next level, consider adding the Teeter Hang Ups Vibration Cushion for EP Series which offers its user a 10 motor LED controlled vibration massage experience and also includes 2 infrared heating sources for deep heat therapy. This unit is designed with a built-in neck arch support to help improve overall decompression.


Let’s talk dimensions and weights for the Hang Ups EP 560. Plan on a solid carton shipping box that measures 48 1/4 inches L x 30 inches W x 6 1/2 inches T and weighs 68.3 lbs.

How about operating space dimensions for the EP 560 inversion table? Plan on at least 28 ¾ inches floor width and 84 inches of front to back space. You will need at least 86 inches of ceiling height when in use.

If you plan to store your EP 560, you will need an area 20 inches’ deep x 28 ¾ inches wide x 66 inches of height if you store it upright. You have the option of removing the complete table assembly and folding the a-frame flat for under bed storage, but this is a bulky process and not recommended for daily use.

Each Teeter unit includes a valuable DVD which explains how to get the most from your incline experience and even includes 5 bonus healthy back workouts designed by Dr. Shawn. Watch this video by Dr. Shawn to learn more.


This perhaps the strongest feature of the Hang Ups EP 560. Teeter explains that from the day of purchase they will repair or replace any parts found defective for a period of 5 years. This warranty covers parts, labor, and transportation of the parts.


  • UL Tested and Approved
  • ComforTrak™ Backrest Design

teeter hang ups ep 560 inversion table abdominal workout

  • Heavy Duty Steel Leg Support and Backrest Structure
  • Powder Coated or Chromed Steel parts
  • Adjusts from 4’-8” to 6’-6” user height
  • Supports up to 300 lbs. user weight
  • UL tested to 4.5 times recommended user weight for safety
  • Hinge adjustable 3-hole inversion arc control
  • Easy and safe inversion control tether system
  • Included DVD with bonus workout routines
  • Quick release removable table assembly for storage
  • Legs can fold flat for under bed storage
  • Optional Acupressure Nodes and Lumbar Bridge
  • Optional Vibration and Heat Cushion
  • 5-year Comprehensive Warranty




  • Set-up manual can make set-up confusing
  • Optional products can make buying selection confusing
  • More expensive than cheaper built similar capacity models


Teeter Hang Ups EP 560 Inversion Table Price

After careful in-store examination at two different stores I was able to do a thorough assessment of the Teeter Hang Ups EP 560 and found the basic unit to be a great value. I’ve spent a lifetime (40 plus years) explaining to people why spending a little more (if the quality and features will deliver) is the best value. If your plans include purchasing an inversion table, then I encourage you to consider the Teeter EP 560 to be that best value.

I have included two links below if you’d like to look at today’s lowest online prices. Below those links I’ve included options if you’d like to look at the Teeter Hang Ups EP 560 Ltd version or the upgraded EP 960 unit. I’ve included a brief description of what these upgrades will include.

Check best price now

purchase From Walmart


Teeter Hang Ups EP 560 Ltd Table Options

The Teeter Hang Ups EP 560 Ltd table includes the addition of a set of Acupressure Nodes and a Lumbar Bridge back support. Here’s a link to check the best price today for this model.

Check best price on EP 560 Ltd now

Teeter Hang Ups EP 960 Ltd Table Options

The Hang Ups EP 960 Ltd upgrades the user to a simple palm press ratchet release comfort ankle support system which comes preassembled.

To learn more why not read my detailed Teeter Hang Up EP 960 Inversion Therapy Table Review here?

This simple to use release has an extended release bar so you won’t need to stretch down so far to lock in and out of the ankle supports. Here is where the quicker assembly time and easy of daily use come in. The EP 960 also includes the Acupressure Nodes and Lumbar Bridge. Here is a link to check todays best price.

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Teeter Hang Ups EP 560 Table Reviews and Summery

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