Teeter Hang Up EP 960 Inversion Table ReviewMy Teeter Hang Up EP 960 Inversion Table Review is perfect if you ‘re interested in learning about top of the line results from over 30 years of inversion therapy research. This unit is a result of years of constant improvement to the point that it carries the Underwriter Laboratories 1647 certification for inversion tables. I’ll explain what that means to you in detail below as well as explaining all of the top benefits and accessories available for this model.

While this model might be at the upper end of the inversion table price list, I’ll explain why it could be the best choice for someone who takes their gym time seriously (inversion stretching and incline AB & Squat workouts can boast your gym results) as well as anyone who might be setting up a home gym and wants to put quality equipment in it.

If you decide the EP 960 series is the right choice for you, then I’ll share the lowest price links for each version available at the end of this review, or you can jump to the price section of the review.


If you’re shopping for an inversion table, then you’ve probably been reading that there are a lot of products out there built with light weight flimsy frames. I’m happy to say that’s not the case when it comes to the frame design of the EP 950 by Teeter. In fact, the oval tubular steel used to build this inversion machine is so strong that the EP 960 and the 960 Ltd. both carry the Underwriters Laboratory certification of UL 1647 compliance for inversion equipment.

This means that Teeter has paid to have UL test the EP 960 in usage testing up to 10 times its rated weight capacity or over 3000# for durability and strength during repeated use. I don’t know about you, but to me that’s peace of mind. One thing that makes the EP 960 so stable is the use of bolted in place heavy duty rubber feet on each corner that actually extend beyond the frame corner for added stability.(many brands use clip on plastic feet that are reported by users to fall off frequently)

For added strength Teeter puts the main frame structure together at the factory. This will also speed up the assembly process since these assembly steps are already done for you. Likewise, the lower steel square tube assembly for the main backrest frame is already attached to the lower backrest assembly.

[toc]After 30 years of design and testing Teeter does something that no other major incline table manufacturer does in designing their units with a body flexing backrest that is anchored to a solid built steel sub frame. This means that you can count on a solid well supported back rest assembly. But all around the edges of the backrest it will flex with your body to help in stretching routines. This is very different from all other major inversion tables where you lay on a ridged backrest and rely on whatever layer of padding they put between you and the fiberboard buried under the vinyl cover. Some reviewers claim this is a cheap plastic backrest, if that were true then why does Teeter put a 5 year all inclusive warranty on it and the foam backed companies all give you just 90 days.

Another great advantage of this backrest design is its continuous slotted venting from the ComforTrak™ backrest. This can be a real plus if you tend to be someone who sweats easily. These continues slots are also where you will mount the optional lumbar bridge and acupressure nodes (included with the EP 960 Ltd. Model) Watch this video to learn more.


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Ankle Support

Teeter Hang Up EP 960 ankle locking systemI consider the ankle support system to be one of the most important parts of any inversion table and the Teeter Hang Up EP 960 and 960 Ltd. Are both equipped with one of the easiest systems to use anywhere. This is because Teeter has designed an extended handle ratchet action set-up that you can get into and out of with one hand. You will not only be able to run the control with one hand without bending over to your ankles, but you’ll be able to securely latch your ankles in place every time.

The EP 960 uses what I refer to as comfort cuff wrap around ankle pads on both the front and rear of the ankle. This is by far the most comfortable option available. It’s basically the same as what the designed years ago with their Hang Up series of inversion boots where you would hang upside down with your entire weight suspended by your ankles. They had to design a comfortable system for that type of use.

So no matter whether you plan to set the pre-set rotation control to as little as 20-degrees of incline or if you’re after full inversion lockout at 90-degrees plus, you will find these ankle supports to be as comfortable as any available.

Do you plan to use your decompression table with or without shoes? I prefer no shoes but everybody finds what works best for them. The ankle support system on the EP 960 series features an ankle comfort dial which lets you adjust the foot platform height up or down to create a snug fit with or without shoes or with different thickness socks if this helps increase your ankle comfort.

Inversion Options

Any good review is going to start with information about standard product details. So when I’m telling you about the Teeter EP 960 I will naturally mention that it accommodates any user weighing up to 300 lbs. But did you know that while Teeter was having Underwriter Laboratories test the EP 960 series they loaded the table with over 3500lbs. and ran it through repeated test for stability and product strength?

Read our complete review of the Teeter Hang Up EP 960 Inversion Table and learn how it delivers a killer AB workoutSo it’s safe to say that if you weigh less than 300lbs. and are between 4’-8” and 6’-6” tall you will fit perfectly on this unit. I might add here that it’s common to end up adjusting your new table up to 2 inches taller or shorter than your actual height in order to achieve centered balance on the table. You will know once you are there because simply leaning back will begin the inversion process and likewise leaning forward will start your movement to the upright position.

I also want to point out a common miss understanding here. Inversion is considered to begin when you reach the point where your head is lower than your feet. So when you reach the point of being straight across you are actually at a 0-degree incline. If you pivot the table so your head is facing straight down, this is actually 90-degrees of inversion which is also referred to as full incline or lock out.

If you are in good physical condition, you will be able to perform abdominal workouts using the Teeter Hang Up EP 960 inversion table with relative ease. Particularly if you extend the table to full inversion lockout.

While writing this Scott Kelly the NASA astronaut returned from 340 days on the international space station. Did you know that Scott became 2 inches taller during his time in space because he was not being pushed down every day by gravity? Now they say he will return to his original height within a few days of being under gravity again.

This increase in height is due to taking the gravitational pressure off the vertebral discs in his spine. This allows the spine to be flushed with lots of healthy fluids as well as flushing out toxins. While you might not gain a full 2 inches in height with regular inversion therapy, you could notice a bit of height increase as well as the healing effects of more nutritional fluids to your spinal column.

For maximum stretch, I think you will appreciate the multiple stretch handles built into the Teeter Hang Up EP 960 series incline tables. When it comes to decompression therapy, one of the best things you can do is develop a daily routine of stretching and flexing. You’ll be able to use the stretch grip handles located in three positions around your head as well as the extra-long padded assist handles on each side of the frame to help with your muscle and ligament stretching regiment. This is also a great post-workout practice.

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Assembly & Storage

Teeter Hang Up EP 960 folds flat for starageA top concern when shopping for an incline table seems to be wanting to know how complicated it is to set up. I’ve had years of experience setting up everything under the sun having grown up in a hardware store. I can tell you from a professional assemblers’ perspective that there is no easier table to set up than the EP 960 series.

I feel this way for two reasons. First, you will receive a very detailed set of instructions as well as a separate owners’ user manual and an instructional DVD with assembly tips and even recommended beginner stretching and inversion workout routines.

The main thing I liked though is that Teeter pre-assembles all of the main sections of the unit so you will only have a limited number of smaller assemblies to put together. They claim you can set this unit up in as little as 13 minutes but I would plan on a little bit longer because you want to get it right and tight the first time for years of dependable service. Remember the UL 1647 certification of strength and stability depends on you following the clear instructions in the manual to insure every connection is tight.

When planning where to set up your new Teeter EP 960 you’ll want to have about 30 inches of width and at least 7 feet of front to back centered length available for when the table inclines. It’s also a good plan to have at least 7 feet of ceiling height where you plan to use your table for rotation again.

While I’m not a fan of folding up my table between uses because I use it at least twice a day, it’s worth noting that you can remove the table and ankle support assembly pretty easily and then simply fold the leg support system for long term storage.

It’s also possible to simply release the two leg hinges and fold the entire table down for short term storage. Keep in mind that the unit weighs just under 65 lbs. and is about 80 inches tall when folded, so it’s not that simple to move around for some people.



Safety is always a concern but nowhere is more of a concern then when you will be hanging by your ankles with your head and neck pointing down. This is why I think you’ll appreciate that the Teeter Hang Up EP 960 series has gone through the entire UL 1647 certification and passed while being tested for up to 10 times the maximum weight capacity in every possible situation.

There are very few inversion tables that have achieved the UL 1647 certification for a couple of reasons. First, the manufacturer must pay for this independent testing, and the fact is that most cheap knock-off products won’t do that. This eliminates over 30 of the products on sale today. But, even for brands that do decide to have their products tested a few just don’t live up to the testing. Imagine that this EP 960 unit design has been tested with over 3500 lbs., you read that right, of weight doing hundreds of repeated incline maneuvers at every possible angle. Every Teeter inversion table currently available has the UL 1647 certification including the Teeter Hang Up EP 560 inversion table series, read my review here if you’d like to save about $100 off the EP 960. Here is a video explaining what Teeter went through to insure your safety on any one of their tables.


Learn more at Amazon dot com


Teeter Hang Up EP 960 Lumbar Bridge and Acupressure NodesYou have two different model options when buying an EP 960 series table. If you prefer the basic model which is simply the EP 960 then you will receive an instructional DVD with assembly and basic use video instructions as well as 5 fitness routines designed by a Chiropractor for a healthy workout routine.

If you decide to purchase the EP 960 Ltd. Series unit, then you will also receive the Lumbar Bridge module as well as a set of Acupressure nodes which you can mount into your ComforTrak™ backrest. The acupressure nodes work by either resting in one position on them for pressure points or gently rocking back and forth at different incline degrees for more of a Shiatsu massage.

I want to point out here that it might be cheaper to buy the basic EP 960 table and the extra Lumbar and Acupressure nodes separate to get the best overall price. I’ll include links for all below.

The last accessory I want to tell you about here is a [easyazon_link identifier=”B001BOPZ18″ locale=”US” nw=”y” nf=”y” tag=”reviewsright-20″]Teeter heat and massage pad[/easyazon_link] that is controlled by a wired remote that you can use with your table or while sitting on the couch watching TV. I like that they have designed this accessory as a stand-alone product for two reasons. First, there are a few tables that include heat options built in but offer no massage option while others offer a small pad that covers just about 10” of your back with heat and massage.

This unit will cover the entire back region and includes 10 different massage motors for a full back massage with heat and I still think the best part is that you can use it on the couch or in bed when not on your table. I personally like multiple use products.


So when it comes to dimensions, let’s talk about shipping details as well as what to expect at home. The Teeter Hang Up EP 960 comes cartooned weighing 68.3 lbs. and measures 48.25 x 30 x 6.5 inches.

When you are looking for the perfect place to set up your EP 960 I recommend at least 30 inches by a seven-foot area based on centering this seven-foot space where you will pivot the table. You will also need about 80 inches of ceiling height to pivot the table at full extension.

Do you plan to fold and store your table? Then you will need a space 28.75 inches wide by 66 inches long and about 20 inches thick to store it standing up or lying flat. You can also remove the table to lay the leg assembly down a little flatter for long term storage.


Teeter offers their customers the strongest warranty of any company in the category. You will receive a 5 year written warranty that covers repair or replacement of any parts found to be defective including transportation costs. You will receive a detailed explanation of this warranty and registration information with delivery of your new table.


  • UL 1647 Certified Inversion Table
  • Users up to 300 lbs.
  • Users from 4’-8” to 6’-6” in height
  • Easy release extended ankle lock system
  • Comfort Cuff front and rear ankle support
  • Easy folding for storage
  • ComforTrak™ backrest for cool ventilation
  • Optional Lumbar Bridge for ComforTrak™ system
  • Optional Acupressure Nodes for ComforTrak™ system
  • Optional heat & massage remotely controlled
  • Included DVD for set-up and workout ideas
  • 5 year warranty on entire unit


  • High end of price range
  • Some users don’t like flex of ComforTrak™ design
  • Weighs 65 lbs. assembled which might be hard to move for some

Teeter Hang Up EP 960 Inversion Therapy Table Price

I’ve talked about both the EP 960 and EP 960 Ltd. Here and explained what you will receive when purchasing either unit. I think the EP 960 is a good value for the money but when I checked pricing at the two top sources they seem to be charging more for the Ltd. Version than what you can buy the EP 960 and the Lumbar and Acupressure accessories separately for. I’m including links to check them all out here so you can decide on the best deal for your needs.

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The EP 960 listed below includes the Lumbar Bridge & Acupressure Nodes Kit

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Teeter Hang Up EP 960 Inversion Therapy Table Ratings & Summery

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