polk audio atrium 4 outdoor speaker reviewIf you’re you searching for premium sound in an outdoor speaker system, then you need to read more about the Polk Audio Atrium 4 Outdoor Speaker set. Polk Audio has been known for generations as one of the highest quality speaker producers anywhere. So it’s no surprise that when they set out to create an affordable premium outdoor speaker system back in 2002 the end result would still be on Amazons top 10 best outdoor speakers list in 2015.

Turns out that the Polk Audio Atrium 4 speaker system is the top selling hard wired outdoor speaker set on Amazon, beating out all other receiver driven units for overall quality for the price. But enough with the hype, let’s talk about how this speaker system is designed and what you can expect to get with this investment.


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Power or Sound Source

[toc]These speakers are designed to be used with a traditional home audio receiver, think of them as an outdoors extension of your home entertainment receiver. So in order to power these Polk Audio Atrium 4 speakers you will need to run an 8-ohm speaker wire from your receiver to each of the speakers. These speakers are designed to work with a receiver that delivers between 10-80 watts of power to each channel or speaker side. So let’s say you had a 100-watt home receiver these would be the ideal outdoor speakers for you. You can expect an efficiency rating of up to 89 DB of clear sound with this combination. How do I use Bluetooth with these speakers? In order to use a Bluetooth or other wireless source for your music you would first need to patch that music to your home receiver and then play that music through your outdoor speakers. There is one other option, you could use a Bluetooth Audio Receiver/Amplifier and wire these speakers directly to it. This would require a 110-volt power source for the amplifier and this amplifier is not waterproof so it would have to be installed in a dry location, but this would allow you to run these speakers without an indoor receiver.

Speaker Design

The Polk Audio Atrium 4 Speaker system is designed as a sealed design enclosure cabinet that houses two different specialty speakers. The larger 4-1/2” speaker delivers solid Mid and Woofer range sound through its Dynamic Balance® mineral filled polymer cone that is held in place with a rubber surround for long life and all weather protection.

In order to deliver the cleanest highs, the Atrium 4 uses a 3/4” Dynamic Balance® dome tweeter made of anodized aluminum with a neodymium motor structure. What this means to you and I is that Polk Audio thought through how well different materials would hold up to the elements outside and by using the best available materials has created a speaker system they can back with a 5-year warranty, read details below.

Outdoor Speaker Installation

polk_audio_atrium_4_outdoor_speaker_installedThe Polk Audio Atrium 4 Outdoor speaker system has been designed with the patented Speed-lock® mounting system. With this safe and simple to use mounting system you won’t be trying to balance on a ladder while struggling to mount your new speaker at just the right angle for best sound. Simply mount the bracket which comes pre-built to hold the speaker at a 45-degree angle and then snap the speaker into the bracket. You can still adjust the speaker angle from here and then simply tighten the locking thumb screw.

While researching these speakers we noticed several reviewers commented on how easy they were to install. That has to be a plus for anyone not too handy on a ladder. We also noticed that most installations talked about using a 16-gauge high quality speaker wire when installing in order to get the best overall results.

Outdoor Speaker Range

While Polk Audio promotes this set of speakers to deliver premium sound in a wide open outdoor environment we discovered a little different response from most reviewers. In the hundreds of reviews on Amazon we found that for best results you will want to use these speakers in a smaller area say a patio attached to your home or maybe around a small pool or deck area. Most reviewers agreed that if the speakers are placed too far away or are used in a large area the sound can degrade.

One option described was to use more than one pair of Atrium 4 speakers for a larger area or check out adding a set of Polk Audio Atrium 6 Speakers for a deeper sound over a larger area.

Key Product Features

  • Polk Audio all weather certified means that any Polk Audio Atrium 4 outdoor speaker set will endure the highest temperatures and even heavy rain without breaking down.
  • Polk Audio Atrium 4 speakers are sold in pairs and come in your choice of white or black case design to match your homes décor.
  • Twin driver design helps deliver premium sound in a full spectrum from 75Hz-25kHz with a sound output of up to 89 DB when powered by an amplified source of between 10-80 watts per channel.
  • Speed-Lock® mounting system guarantees virtually effortless installation on any horizontal or vertical surface.
  • Actual cabinet size: 8-5/8″ H x 5-11/16″ W x 6-11/16″ D or (21.91cm H x 14.45cm W x 16.99cm D)
  • Backed by Polk Audio’s 5 year parts and labor warranty to the original purchaser.

Polk Audio Atrium 4 Speaker Warranty

The Polk Audio Atrium 4 outdoor speaker system is backed by the Polk Audio 5-year parts and labor warranty to the original purchaser when purchased from an official Polk Audio authorized dealer like Amazon.com. This warranty is not transferable and is limited to the original purchaser only.

Polk Audio Atrium 4 Speaker Buyer Reviews

We mentioned in the beginning that at the time of this writing the Polk Audio Atrium 4 outdoor speaker set is currently rated #10 in Amazons Bestselling Outdoor Speaker category and #4 in all Satellite Speakers. With over 611 Amazon reviews we found that a whopping 77% of reviewers gave this set a 5-star rating with 1 through 3 star ratings making up only 6% of all reviews. Read Reviews here

Pro’s and Con’s

read positive information from this reviewPro’s These speakers deliver premium quality sound at a very affordable price. With Polk Audio’s Dynamic Balance® system their engineers have developed a speaker system to deliver unmatched sound quality.

The all weather design insures years of quality music without fear of early component failure so no matter where you install these speakers they will deliver in high temp as well as high humidity environments.

possible review concernsCons These speakers require an amplified power source like a home audio receiver which also means you will need to run wiring from that source to the speakers. We mentioned the option above to add a Bluetooth amplifier to your system to use as the source for powering these speakers.

These outdoor speakers are recommended by reviewers for use in pairs in a smaller area like a patio or small pool. To get the best sound in a larger more open space you should consider using two or more pairs of speakers or combining these Atrium 4 series speakers with a pair of Atrium 6 series speakers for added depth of sound.


After researching the Polk Audio Atrium 4 Outdoor Speaker series we have to agree with over 600 Amazon reviews in believing that this is the best value wired outdoor speaker system on the market. If you are searching for a high quality sounding outdoor speaker system that will be driven by your home receiver system then we encourage you to check the link below to look at the lowest guaranteed pricing from Amazon right now!

Polk Audio Atrium 4 Outdoor Speaker Pricing

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