ORCA Coolers ReviewDo you love spending time outdoors? Who doesn’t these days. That’s why in our ORCA Coolers Review we are going to talk about rugged coolers made by the Outdoor Recreation Company of America. You can’t get much more patriotic than that and as you might guess every one of these coolers is made right here in the USA by fellow Americans. But there are a lot of high performance coolers made here in the states so we want to talk about what makes ORCA different and maybe even better.

I was surprised when I learned that ORCA offers some very special addition officially licensed coolers like their National Wild Turkey Federation Cooler series. [toc]They also offer an official National Rifle Association Cooler series. There are 5 different sizes and 4 different color options in each special series. I will give you all the details on these later in the review. It’s worth noting here that  every time somebody buys an ORCA cooler, a portion of the profits gets donated to one of many charities. These includes,women’s outdoor groups, wounded warrior programs, conservation groups, and breast cancer research, . Every ORCA cooler is made in the USA and uses only American made parts. For the gals, be sure and check out the entire collection of Pink ORCA Coolers in every size and even for the NWTF and NRA special additions.

ORCA Cooler Features

When you’re looking for a new performance cooler there are a number of things that should be high on your list of must haves. The biggest one is how long will it hold ice? Every Outdoor Recreation Company of America cooler is designed with Roto-molded construction and the highest level of injected polyurethane foam. This means every ORCA cooler will deliver up to 10 solid days of cold even in the harshest of environments. These coolers will out perform just about every competitor out there including the Yeti Tundra series. Don’t leave us here, watch this week long ice challenge video.

Every cooler has a pair of heavy duty rubber T-Handles to securely lock the top in place. The top is secured with a continuous rear hinge system. ORCA Cooler cargo netFor security every cooler includes a pair of corner locking tabs to insert a paddle lock or cable lock system. In addition every cooler offers slots built into the case to hold up to 1″ nylon hold-down straps.

Every ORCA cooler also comes with an attached nylon cargo net for handy storage of small items. I think this is a great place to carry a couple can wraps or to hold your drain plug if you pull it.

The smaller ORCA 20 Quart comes with a built-in stainless steel handle for easy transport. All the larger coolers use a combination of built-in handles and comfort grip rope handles.

All ORCA ice chest models are named by actual true size. This means that an ORCA 75 is an actual 75 quart cooler unlike the popular Yeti Tundra series which are actually smaller than their model number calls out.

Every Outdoor Recreation Company of America cooler is made in America and carries a Lifetime Warranty to the original owner.

ORCA Official Licensed NRA Coolers

ORCA Official Licensed NRA CoolersThe Outdoor Recreation Company of America has teamed up with the National Rifle Association to offer gun owners a complete series of NRA officially licensed coolers. These coolers come in every size from 20 quart all the way up to 140 quart and you can buy them in a variety of color combinations to suit your needs.

At the end of the review I’ll show you how you can check available sizes and color combinations for every NRA edition cooler offered.

ORCA Official Licensed NWTF Coolers

ORCA Official Licensed NWTF CoolersOutdoor Recreation Company of America has also teamed up with the National Wild Turkey Federation to offer a complete line of officially licensed coolers for the avid bird hunter or anyone wishing to show support for the NWTF.

Like the NRA series these coolers are offered in all sizes including 20 quart, 26 quart, 40 quart, 58 quart, 75 quart, and 140 quart NWTF models. These are all available in Tan, Green, Pink, and White colors.

Outdoor Recreation Company of America Coolers Pros & Cons

  • Every ORCA Cooler is Made In America
  • Every ORCA Cooler carries a Lifetime Warranty
  • ORCA Cooler offer 10 Days Ice Retention
  • Officially Licensed NRA Sponsor Coolers
  • Officially Licensed NWTF Sponsor Coolers
  • More Color Choices
  • Value Priced for Anybody
  • ORCA uses a Smaller Drain Plug than Others
  • Company Web Site is Hard to Navigate

Why Buy an ORCA Cooler

Roto-Molded ORCA Coolers deliver 100% American Made with Lifetime Warranty and 10 day ice retentionThere are so many reasons to consider buying an ORCA cooler today. No matter what type of outdoor recreation you are into the Outdoor Recreation Company of America has though of you and has the perfect value priced cooler for your needs.

Every cooler is designed to last by Americans who care about delivering a quality product. That’s why every ORCA cooler carries a Lifetime Warranty to the original owner.

Because of its superior American design every cooler will deliver up to 10 days of cold ice retention. This alone will save you big money over time, not to mention being able to stay out longer if you don’t have to run for ice.

Who Should Buy an ORCA Cooler

I don’t care if you’re an avid hunter interested in either the NRA or NWTF limited edition coolers or if you’re a competition fisherman or camping enthusiast, there is an ORCA cooler that will be perfect for you. After reviewing all the top performance cooler lines I’ve got to put my money on the Outdoor Recreation Company of America for delivering the very best value in coolers from a true 20 quart model all the way up to a 140 quart model.

Below I’m going to detail the actual sizes of each size model and include color pictures of a few color options in different sizes. If you’d like to learn more about any size model just click the learn more button in the section you’re interested in to see the lowest Amazon price of the day. I’ve made it easy to see every color option with that click.

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Compare all ORCA Coolers

I’m going to let you check for yourself, but I think you’ll be impressed with how low these ORCA Coolers are priced if you’ve been looking at models like the Yeti series.

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