Ironman LXT850 Locking Inversion Therapy Table ReviewI just finished reviewing the Ironman LXT850 Locking Inversion Therapy Table and want to let you know about how well the Smart Gear incline control locking system works. If you are searching for a decompression unit that will also lock in any of 10 different incline angles to perform fitness exercises then be sure and read about how the incline locking system performs. I’ve include a short list of top exercises you can expect to perform with this unit.

I have also noted a couple of concerns I found with how the ankle control assembly is described on other sites. So be sure and read as I clearly describe how this unit is really designed and what that will mean when you are using the LXT850’s ankle lock device for the first time. I’ll give you a hint here that it is not a true ratchet locking system and I’ll explain how it really works.


The Ironman LXT850 is a great example of the heavy duty construction common to most ironman models. It achieves a solid stable structure with the use of a steel oval tube leg design. The matte black finished frame assembly is finished to avoid scratches and marring. I was impressed to learn that the main frame comes assembled from the factory. This assembly includes the Smart Gear assembly and primary backrest support bracket.

[toc]The LXT850 uses a two-piece well-padded backrest that includes a separate extended padded headrest as well as adjustable lumbar support pad. Like most Ironman units, you will find a heavy duty backrest support frame as well as a solid square tube steel height adjustment assembly with the ankle lock system.

I like this frame design with the four corner leg system. It’s designed with solid rubber feet to deliver a skid free surface even on smooth floor surfaces.

Ankle Support

During my research I got mixed responses about the ankle lock support. On the positive side it does feature both a front and rear cuff style ankle support pads. These are by far the most comfortable option available.

The part that I’m not 100% sold on would be the ankle lock control. They advertise this unit as having a ratchet lock assembly. However, I own the Ironman Gravity 4000 which does have a solid built easy to use one-handed ankle lock assembly. So I can tell you that the unit on the LXT850 is not a ratchet system. It is a modified pin-lock assembly that offers a spring loaded T-bar which closes against your ankles when released.

The two drawbacks to this assembly are, first it does not pull the front cuffs tightly against your ankles without reaching clear down and pressing it into place. Second, as mentioned above, you have to reach clear down for both the pull pin and to help the T-bar engage. This can be a real challenge for anyone suffering from low back pain. My Gravity 4000 has about a 15” extended handle with release in the upper end which allows me to press and tightly ratchet it against my ankles without bending clear down.

Just be clear on your understanding of how this ankle lock system works before committing to this model. Keep in mind that my Gravity 4000 has no Smart Gear or any system to lock the table in place. So you have to be prepared to decide which features are more important to you.

Inversion Options

learn more about the Ironman LXT 850 Inversion Table at ReviewsRightNow.comThe Ironman LXT850 Locking Incline Therapy Table is designed to work with users from 4’-9” to 6’-6” tall weighing up to 300 lbs. keep in mind that like any incline therapy system your actual height adjustment setting might differ from your actual height by 1 to 2 settings taller or shorter than your actual height. This decompression unit works like a fulcrum meaning that it pivots on a central balance point which need approximately the same weight at both ends. You adjust that by changing the height setting one or two notches to find perfect balance.

The big draw to the LXT850 has to be the Smart Gear angle locking system. With the Smart Gear assembly, you can lock the table into any one of 10 factory settings by locking a pivot blot into one of the available gear cogs. The cogs are set to lock the table beginning with 10 degrees above lying flat and then at each 10-degree interval down to full 90-degree inversion.

I wat to mention here that when the unit is locked into a setting there is pressure against the lock pin and this may require you to pivot slightly up or down to release the Smart Gear brake. This can be a little tricky while in a fully inverted position.

Also keep in mind that this unit does not have any form of safety tether so it’s up to the operator to control how far back the unit leans before being locked into position. For this reason, a spotter might be a good idea for the first couple of user sessions until you get use to controlling the beds incline.

Because of the included Smart Gear system, it will be possible to lock the table at any angle below horizontal in order to use the unit for AB workouts including exercises like inverted squats, inverted crunches, and inverted sit-ups.

The LXT850 includes inversion stretch grips on the rear lower leg supports as well as padded incline help grips mounted above and behind the incline control frame assembly.

With the combination of decompression as well as AB workout options, the user will experience increased blood flow as well as an increase in metabolism from your workout. For the athlete, you will be able to relax stiff and tired muscles with the natural increase of blood circulation.

Assembly & Storage

The Ironman LXT850 Incline Unit is fairly easy to set up because the complete main frame assembly is put together at the factory. You will find only a few accessory pieces like assist bars and protector covers to install before getting into mounting the backrest and ankle support systems into place.

It’s worth noting here that the Smart Gear locking unit is assembled on the frame at the factory and more than a few people have commented online about receiving this assembly with plastic covers broken. They were able to have them replaced and could use the unit while waiting for repair parts. I just wanted to let you know this might be a possible concern with this model.

The assembled foot print of the LXT850 is 26” wide at the floor and 30” wide at the pivot location because of the accessory cup holder. It’s 51” long on the floor but you should allow a full 7’ centered at the pivot point for full table extension. I always recommend placing your unit into a corner so you will recline back into the corner. This seems to be the best use of available space.

Many people ask if the unit folds flat for storage and the answer is that it will fold down but because it weighs 82 lbs. assembled and only folds down to 29”x30”x76” is is not at all easy to fold on a daily basis for storage.

One more note about assembly, when the unit arrives the box will weight 93.6 lbs. so plan on two people to move it around and also plan to set it up close to where you will use it because it’s very bulky and difficult to move around once assembled.

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The LXT850 is designed with safety in mind. From the heavy rubber support feet on all four corners to the positive locking safety ankle support with comfort cuff pads both front and rear.

Because of its heavy duty design the LXT850 is able to support a user weighing up to 300 lbs. unlike many lighter models which are restricted to between 250-275 lbs.

Keep in mind that the LXT850 uses a 10 position Smart Gear lock system but does not have any form of safety tether system to control your immediate incline travel. You may also experience difficulty unlocking the Smart Gear until you get use to needing to pivot forward or back to release pressure off the lock.

Before purchasing any decompression equipment, I encourage you to read the safety health concerns since there are a few medical conditions that would not allow use of any incline equipment because of the increase in body and blood pressure which is common to inversion.


The LXT850 comes equipped with an adjustable lumbar support pad which can be moved up or down as well as removed completely depending on your comfort needs.

It also comes with a Super Side Holder cup which can hold your cell phone, keys, or any loose change before climbing onto the unit. This cup is mounted on the outside of the pivot control area on the opposite side of the Smart Gear locking control.


As mentioned above, the foot print of the Ironman LXT850 Locking Incline Therapy Table measures 26” wide by 51” long and you will need at least 7’ of ceiling height during usage. You will also need a full 7’ of length centered at the pivot point during regular usage.

The unit folds for long term storage down to 29” tall by 30” wide by 76” long and it weighs a bulky 82 lbs. when assembled.

The shipping information is a size of 54” long by 29.3” wide and 10” tall and weighing in at 93.6 lbs. so plan on two people to move it when it arrives.


  • 10 Position Smart Gear locking system
  • 300 lb. weight capacity
  • Fits users from 4’-9” to 6’-6”
  • Heavy Duty oval frame construction
  • Rubber skid proof feet
  • Foam covered extended safety handles
  • Pivot and hinge safety vinyl covers
  • AB ready locking system
  • Full incline lockout capable
  • Folds for extended storage


  • Heavy 82 lbs. to move around
  • Locking system release can be tricky
  • Not a true ratchet ankle support lock system
  • Some parts may arrive broken, but good customer service provided

Ironman LXT850 Locking Inversion Therapy Table Price

The LXT850 is a very well built unit which features a positive locking Smart Gear control system. This combined with a comfortable cuff style ankle locking system makes this a good value for the price. Expect to pay between $250-300 at the major online locations. I have included the two lowest internet price options here if you’re ready to make the LXT850 your inversion system.

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Ironman LXT850 Locking Inversion Therapy Table Ratings and Summery


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