Ironman iControl 600 Disk Brake System Inversion Table ReviewI just finished researching the Ironman iControl 600 disk brake system inversion table and I’m impressed with what I found. I’ve been looking high and low for another quality incline unit to bring you that has passed the UL 1647 standard for inversion table safety and quality and we have a contender.

I’ve also wanted to bring you an unit that could offer the user an infinately adjustable disk braking system that was capable of full inversion lock-out and I found all that in the iControl 600 along with the highest user weight rating it its class.

Be sure and read the entire review where I detail the good and bad including storage options and other bonus features found on the ironman iControl 600.


[toc]Quality construction has to be a number one concern if you plan to apply for and achieve UL 1647 certification for your Inversion Table and that exactly what ironman has done with the Ironman iControl 600 Disk Brake inversion table. They began with 1.5”x2.5” oval tube steel which they finished with a heavy powder coating to insure years of scratch free durability.

From there they added heavy rubber foot caps on all 4 corners to add stability to the unit on any type floor surface. I think you’ll be happy to know that the entire primary leg and pivot control system comes pre-assembled from the factory.

Let’s talk a little bit more about the iControl 600 having qualified for a UL 1647 certification. This is a really big deal if your safety means anything to you. Underwriters Laboratory has been independently testing everything form toasters and lighting fixtures to almost everything else in your home for over half a century. We have all come to know and trust what the label means. But did you know that you could count the number of inversion tables that have met these standards on one hand.

In order for this unit to be able to carry this certification it had to pass many tests that extremely exceed the rated user settings. For instance, while it’s rated to hold up to 300 lbs. it had to be tested by UL at over 4 times that weight and pass every test.  Here’s a link if you’d like to learn more about UL 1647 standards for inversion tables section 1.6.

Learn about Ironman iControl 600 Inversion Table with Braking System at ReviewsRightNow.comThe backrest of your new Ironman 600 is another area where they have addressed a subject previously only considered by Teeter. That is the topic of ventilation while using your unit. You see the iControl 600 has incorporated a 2.75” thick ribbed foam backrest to provide natural ventilation much like the Teeter Hang Ups EP 560 inversion table which happens to be the other major incline unit which carries the UL 1647 standard listing.

So with the Ironman 600 you can count on a much cooler user experience than with standard flat vinyl backrests like those found in their Ironman Gravity 4000 inversion table.

Ankle Support

Ankle support is another area where Ironman has stepped up their game with the ironman 600 unit. They are still using their back saving one handed palm activated ratchet locking system. But they have changed the ankle support portion of the system. Now they include the standard cuff style rear ankle supports which I absolutely love but they have changed the front ankle supports to more of a modified soft rubber round pad assembly. I’m not sure that I like that design change just because I love the front mounted cuff design of my personal ironman Gravity 4000.  However, if that is the only real trade-off of this unit then I think you will still have a great user experience. I wonder if the front design had something to do with their UL certification?

In summary, expect to be able to step up onto the foot platform and with one hand press down on the pivot lock and slide the front ankle supports snuggle against your ankles and release the controller.

Inversion Options

Here is probably what sets the ironman iControl 600 apart in my mind from the entire Teeter incline table series. Do you have a desire to be able to lock your table at one angle either to relax and decompress or possibly to perform a series of fitness exercises like inverted sit-ups, crunches, squats, or back stretches? Well if any of these are on your list, then next I’ll ask if you want these options to be limited to a few locked angles?

If you said yes to the locking option and no to a limited number of locking angles, then the Ironman 600 incline table is your perfect choice. The Ironman 600 is designed with a patent pending infinite break control assembly that lets the user set a solid break while loading the unit, then by releasing the break you can incline to any angle you desire up to a full 90-degree lockout position before setting the break to begin your session.

Ironman iControl 600 disk brake system locking handleI have read where a few people are concerned about how well the iControl system will hold up. First I remind you that this sytem has passed the strongest industry testing in its UL certification. But for peace of mind I’ll explain that there is a simple to adjust Calibration process for the iControl Disk Brake assembly that only requires the included screwdriver. This adjustment takes no more than a ¼ turn of the internal screw as outlined on page 17 of your owner’s manual.

When it comes to deciding who this unit was designed for you’re going to get pretty much standard details. The control bar is set for users ranging in height from 4’-10” to 6’-6” and weighing up to 300 lbs. As I mention in every review, you should keep in mind that your individual user experience will be determined by finding near perfect balance. Which might be achieved by setting a height position as much as 1 or 2 places taller or shorter than your actual height.

For most users seeking a decompression therapy session on this table you will find an incline range between 20 and 60-degrees to be very comfortable. If however you are looking for a total inversion of 90-degrees, this option is easily achieved and the user can lock-out the table in any of these positions.

The Ironman 600 incline table has a pair of stretch handles built into the lower rear cross bar as well as incline assist handles mounted on either side of the main pivot frame assembly. These last handles are comfort padded and best used when up righting yourself after an incline session.

I have read comments that you can buy a less expensive version of this table so let me set the record straight. The less expensive iControl 500 model is limited to 285 lb. user weight but does still include the UL 1647 standard certification. The iControl 400 model is limited to 275 lbs. and does not meet the UL 1647 standard. So if you are interested in iControl only you can save about $30 and $60 respectively by looking at these other Ironman iControl Disk Brake models.

Learn more about the Ironman iControl 600

Assembly & Storage

Assembly of the Ironman iControl 600 inversion table is actually simpler than many less expensive models because of the factory preassembled main frame structure. You will also find the main backrest assembly to be preassembled too.

As in every review I have downloaded the owner’s manual and read through it completely in order to help you with product details. I found the iControl 600’s manual easy to follow and would estimate assembly time at less than one hour.

Let’s talk about measurements here since the option of folding and storing this unit will be important to some people. If you plan to fold this unit for storage keep two things in mind. First it weighs in at 71 lbs assembled and requires a space 82”x31”x18” for storage. So at 71 lbs. and almost 7’ long it will be too bulky for any people to fold up and store away between daily uses.

The assembled space required for use is a 32”x57” foot print but keep in mind you’ll still need almost 7’ of front to back space while inclining the unit. I always point out that this is where placing your unit in a corner provides a good out of the way location while allowing you to use wasted corner space for incline.

Shipping information for the iControl 600 is a unit box size of 61”x31”x8” with a total shipping weight of 81 lbs.

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Because of the iControl inversion disk breaking system I think you will find the iControl 600 to be a very safe and stable unit. Combine that with the fact that it has passed the UL 1647 standard for inversion table product safety and you should have peace of mind with this purchase.

A word of caution here, keep in mind that the Ironman iControl 600 inversion table does not have any form of safety tether system but instead relies on a positive locking disk breaking system. What this means is that if you release the break without having established a neutral balance on the pivot table, there is no other safety to control your degree of inversion. For this reason, maintaining a firm grip on the side incline assist handles until you have reached and locked the iControl handle is important to your safety.

I always mention here that you should read my articles on user health concerns and possibly consult your physician if you have any health related concerns before using any model of incline unit.


The Ironman iControl 600 inversion table comes with an included accessory storage cup that mounts to the side of the inversion control area This is a great location to place your cell phone, keys, or any loose items you might still have in your pockets before mounting the unit.


As mentioned above, the Ironman iControl 600 is shipped in a carton weighing 81 lbs. and measuring 61”x31”x8”. It is recommended that two people work together to move this carton.

The assembled dimensions are 32” wide by 57” long but you should plan on about 7’ of length area for full inversion.

The iControl 600 will fold for storage but is very bulky and awkward to move around, weighing in at 71 lbs. assembled and measuring 82”x31”x18” when folded for storage.


Warranty on the Ironman iControl 600 is a little tricky depending on where you look. I can tell you from the owner’s manual that the standard warranty is 1 year on the frame and 90 days on all parts like the upholstery, pulleys, and cables. Here is the odd part, if you decide to pay an extra $120 and buy this unit directly from the manufacturers website, they will give you a 5 year warranty for free. Not sure how they consider it to be free when you can only get it by spending an extra $120 to buy the unit from them. I contacted them with this question and they politely told me it was the only way to get the warranty.



  • UL 1647 standard listing
  • Heavy 1.5”x2.5” oval tube steel frame
  • Pre-assembled main frame and backrest assembly
  • Powder coated frame for scratch resistance
  • 2.75” Thick ribbed ventilating backrest
  • iControl Disk Brake System
  • Infinite inversion locking options
  • Fold for storage
  • Easy in ratchet ankle support system
  • Comfort cuff ankle supports
  • Accessory storage cup


  • Weighs 71 lbs. & 82” long for storage
  • No safety tether strap back-up
  • Not convenient to move around by one person
  • iControl Brake takes getting use to

Ironman iControl 600 Disk Brake System Inversion Table Price

I was impressed with everything you get for the price on the Ironman iControl 600 inversion table. From the iControl disk brake system to the fact that it carries the UL 1647 standard certification, the iControl 600 is a solid value at under $375. That’s right, you can get many of the best features found on the Teeter EP 560 plus an infinite control breaking system for less money. I’ve include a link to let you check the lowest price on the internet today.

ironman iControl 600 disk brake inversion table buy now



Ironman iControl 600 Disk Brake System Inversion Table Ratings and Summery

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