Ironman Gravity 5000 Outdoor / Indoor Inversion Table ReviewIronman Gravity 5000, the first true outdoor inversion table designed to be left outdoors so it doesn’t take up indoor space. I’ll explain how every part from the frame and backrest assembly through all the hardware are designed and built for outside use to let you practice decompression therapy and inversion exercises outdoors whenever you like.

Imagine the benefits of inversion therapy in the fresh air by the pool or on the deck any time you like. The Ironman Gravity 5000 can even be mounted to a deck or concrete patio surface for a permanent installation. I’ll explain how it’s built and what makes it an outdoor / indoor inversion table rather than only an indoor unit like every other model on the market today.


So how do you create an inversion table designed to be permanently left outdoors? Ironman began by building a heavy duty 1.5” square tube steel frame designed to hold a user weighing up to 325 lbs. Before it can go outside they have to finish it in a scratch and weather resistant powder coated finish.

[toc]Since they decided to build it for possible permanent use outdoors, they included metal stabilizer plates on each leg that can be bolted to a concrete patio or deck surface. Of course all stainless steel hardware that is both durable and rust proof is the only way to finish such an inversion table, so that’s in here too.

When it comes to the backrest, you’ll want both comfort and durability. So, Ironman equipped the Gravity 5000 outdoor inversion table with a 2” thick medium density foam backrest that’s covered with Weatherpro UV moisture resistant vinyl. This whole assembly is double stitched at all seams for extra outdoor protection.

The Ironman Gravity 5000 outdoor / indoor inversion table is designed for users from 4’-9” to 6’-6” in height and is designed for infinite range up to full 90-degree inversion with the help of a safety tether designed to be user adjusted to any setting.

Ankle Support

Ankle support safety and comfort are two of the most important concerns with any incline unit. The Gravity 5000 is designed with a pin lock style ankle lock system. The user simply bends down and pulls the extended handle pin lock to slide the front ankle support pads into place.

Ironman Gravity 5000 Outdoor / Indoor Inversion Table Review. Finally an Inversion table for on the deck or by the pool with outdoor weatherproof design. The front and rear ankle supports both feature what I refer to as comfort cuff ankle pads. These are a wraparound style pad for added user comfort and are similar to pads used in Hang Up style gravity boots.

All exposed hardware on the ankle support system has the same powder coated durable outdoor finish found on the frame assembly.


Inversion Options

When it comes to the inversion system itself I think you’ll like the extra-long padded comfort and safety grips that Ironman designed to be finished in the same color as the rest of the frame assembly. These safety grips are perfect for righting yourself from a full inversion workout or to steady yourself into a 40-degree decompression session. This is the perfect setting for reducing stress on the back in order to relieve pressure on the vertebrae discs and muscle ligaments.

Did you know that regular inversion therapy can reduce fatigue and stress, plus it promotes the stimulation of blood circulation and help clear the lymphatic system naturally? With as little as 10 minutes of incline decompression therapy twice a day you can see dramatic results in as little as a few days.

What better way to unwind then by relaxing and decompressing on your new inversion table outdoors near the pool or patio after a long day of sitting or standing. This is also a great therapy option for a great muscular stretch out right before or after a swim. Remember that this unit is outdoor ready so water from the pool won’t hurt it.

Imagine a session of inverted crunches or inverted squats before a good swim or run. What a great way to tone and maximize your workout effort.

The ironman Gravity 5000 outdoor / indoor inversion table is designed for users weighing up to 325 lbs. which is 25 to 50 lbs. higher than many other units available that can’t be left outdoors. It’s designed for users from 4’ 9” to 6’ 6” in height.

The Gravity 5000 relies on a safety tether strap to limit inversion incline up to a full 90-degree lockout. It is not equipped with any additional position locking hardware.

In addition to the two rubber grip extended safety and stretch handles you will find stretch grip handles molded into the lower cross bar at the bottom rear of the unit.

Ironman Gravity 5000 Outdoor Inversion Table Video

Assembly & Storage

When it comes to assembly the Ironman Gravity 5000 is similar to other models from Ironman in that the primary legs come preassembled as well as part of the backrest main assembly. Ironman includes a well-documented assembly and user instruction manual and you would plan on about one hour for full assembly.

When it comes to assembled space plan on a width of 28.5” by 54” at the base. Because of its outdoor design this is one of the heavier units in its size class. Plan on an assembled weight of 90.4 lbs. So while this unit could be folded down for long term storage is quite heavy and bulky.

Because of its unique exterior or outdoors design the Ironman Gravity 5000 is design so that it can be bolted to a deck or patio surface with appropriate hardware (not included with the unit).
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Because the Gravity 5000 is designed for outdoor inversion usage it has been built with skid resistant solid plate feet on all 4 corners that can be anchored in place for regular use.

The safety tether strap is design to let you set a predetermined maximum inversion angle. This is helpful if you plan to recline to a set angle for extended decompression therapy.


I don’t think you can have a truly outdoor ready inversion table that’s not designed to some form of added outdoor protection. The Ironman Gravity 5000 outdoor / indoor inversion table comes with an included nylon waterproof cover that fits over the entire padded backrest area.

There is also a handy plastic item storage holder on the side leg assembly to hold things like glasses, cell phones, pocket items, or the waterproof cover during use.

If you plan to anchor the unit permanently in place, then you will need to visit a local hardware store for the appropriate bolts or concrete anchors to attach the 4 leg plates to the base material.


When it comes to shipping details you will want to plan on help moving the carton to its final assembly space. The overall carton weighs 99 lbs. and is 55” long by 29” wide and 9” tall.

Once set up plan on an assembled weight of 90.4 lbs. and an assembled footprint of 54” long by 28.5” wide. The unit will stand 59” tall when not in use but plan on about 7’ of height clearance if you plan to use the table indoors.

While the Gravity 5000 is designed to be able to fold up, I don’t recommend doing so unless your plans are for an extended period of time. This is because the unit weighs 90.4 lbs. and is very bulky to move around. It does fold at the leg joints and is about 28.5” x 68” x 18” when folded.


  • Designed for permanent outdoor or indoor use
  • Heavy Duty 1.5” square tube steel frame
  • All Outdoor powder coated frame
  • Weatherpro UV moisture resistant vinyl backrest cover
  • 2” medium density comfort foam backrest
  • Steel plate feet for permanent ground anchoring
  • All Rust Proof Stainless Steel hardware
  • Easy reach comfort cuff ankle locking system
  • 325 lb. weight Capacity
  • User Height from 4’ 9” to 6’ 6”
  • Includes Nylon waterproof backrest cover
  • Full 1-year warranty



  • Bulky to move weighs 90.4 lbs.
  • No inversion brake locking option


Ironman Gravity 5000 Price

This is the first unit of its kind I’ve seen and with all the included features, I think the Ironman Gravity 5000 Outdoor / Indoor inversion table is a great value. While the manufacturer lists the unit at just around $350 I have found an option where you can get it for under $300 with free prime shipping option. Here is a link to learn more about the lowest price and shipping options.

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If you like to shop at Walmart, then here is a link to get the same price with free in store pickup or delivery.

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Ironman Gravity 5000 Outdoor Inversion Table Ratings & Summery

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