Invertio Premium Folding Inversion Table ReviewI’ve researched the Invertio Premium Folding Inversion table and I’m eager to share my findings here with you. I know many people are looking for their first incline unit and would rather spend less than $150 dollars. That’s why reviews like this one are important to help you make a researched and informed choice when you buy.

Read on to discover what I found out while researching the number three most popular selling decompression unit on the internet. I think you will be surprised at what you learn and I hope it helps you make a good choice.


When it comes to frame construction the Invertio Premium model uses a 1-1/4” round painted tube style steel frame. This frame has been enhanced with a welded in place cross bar located to act as a stop for the table in the mounting position. This cross bar also acts as the mount for the other end of the safety tether strap.

[toc]I want to point out here that this tube size and design is on the absolute bottom end of the quality and strength design scale. Which makes it hard for me to understand how the manufacturer can rate it to handle up to 300 lbs. when units that are clearly heavier built are rated at lower weight restrictions. Read my Exerpuetic Stretch Inversion Table Review to understand this quality difference at the same price point.

The base of the unit frame is designed with 4 composite feet that clip into place for stability.

The backrest is designed with a vinyl covered foam padding for user comfort. It includes both an extended padded headrest support as well as a removable lower back pad.

The frame features extra-long padded safety handles to help with stretching and up righting yourself after decompression.

Ankle Support

Invertio Premium inversion table ankle supportsThe Invertio Premium folding incline unit uses a very basic ankle support system. As you can see in the photo close-up. You will find a set of round foam pads located in both the rear ankle and front of the ankle positions. These round foam pads rely on simply squeezing your ankles to hold you in place as compared to a comfort forming cuff style ankle support as found on most Ironman and Teeter brand units.

This Invertio model uses a fairly common pull pin with slide T-bar assembly to move the front ankle support firmly against your legs. While this is a very popular system, keep in mind it will require you to bend all the way down to your ankles to get in and out of. Read my Ironman Gravity 4000 review to understand the options better.

What this means to you is as follows. Imagine the option of suspending all your weight by a set of solid foam gloves wrapping around your ankles and spreading the weight around the entire ankle surface. Now imagine taking two swimming noodle floats and pressing one against the front and one against the back of your ankles, would you trust holding your entire body weight that way? Do you think it would be as comfortable?

Inversion Options

Read our Invertio Premium Folding Inversion Table Review hereWhen it comes to incline options the Invertio premium has the ability to invert to a full 90-degree incline. In fact, it is designed with a 3 position pivot speed control like most other units. What this means for you is that while setting your new unit up you will decide which of the 3 setting to lock your pivot control into. The position furthest from the pivot bar causes the most gradual arc and is considered for beginners or those on the heavier end of the weight settings as it is easier to balance. The setting closest to the pivot pin is for lighter weight people and will also go into full incline easier because it causes an almost immediate arc.

The Invertio Premium unit is rated for users weighing up to 300 lbs. that range in height from 4’-10” to 6’06”. Keep in mind that once your new unit is set up, you will want to find your perfect balance point which might be a setting 1 to 3 positions above or below your actual height. This is due to balancing your individual body mass with the center of gravity of the bed.

Can I perform an AB workout with the Invertio Premium incline unit? The answer to this question is technically yes. The unit is capable of inverting to a full 90-degrees and while it does not have any form of breaking system or way to lock the unit in place you could perform basic exercises like crunches or stretches while inverted. I think the biggest question would be, will you be comfortable. The more of an incline you go into the more of your body weight is resting on the ankle support system. At a 20 to 40-degree decompression setting like the model was designed for this might be fairly comfortable. But once you go into full inversion, you will be suspending almost all of your weight from the two foam roller pads I described above.

Assembly & Storage

Talking about the assembly process of the Invertio Premium unit is where I ran into my biggest research problem. In all of my research I was unable to find access to a downloadable owner’s manual for this model. In fact, I was unable to find any source for the warranty either. I’m including a link to the Invertio official website here because I encourage you to see what I found while doing my research. If you are set on buying a budget priced unit like this, then I would encourage you to read my article on Inversion Table Shopping Price Verses Quality.

What I did find when researching this unit was that buyers either had a good assembly experience which took on average between 30 minutes to 1 hour to complete or as many noted the unit was missing common parts like nuts and bolts which they had to go out and buy at a local hardware store.

When it comes to placement in your home, the footprint is 27-1/4” wide by 48” long but you should plan on about 7’ of space for the unit to arc during incline. This model comes in at the low end of the unit weight scale at just 46 lbs. which makes sense with such a light weight frame assembly.

When it comes to storage the unit has two hinges, one on each leg assembly that allow it to fold relatively flat for storage. Keep in mind that like any other unit when folded it will be almost 7’ long and the lower weight doesn’t make it that much less bulky to move around.

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The Invertio Premium has most of the common safety features. You will find composite foot pads to keep the unit from moving around on hard floors. Vinyl safety covers that mount over the hinge pivot assemblies to help prevent getting pinched. A solid safety tether strap that mounts from the back of the foot rest assembly to the front frame crossbar which will limit the degree of incline possible.

I always mention at this point my encouragement for you to read my article about benefits as well as health hazards of inversion table use before making a purchase as there are a few health conditions that forbid the use of inversion therapy.


The unit is listed to have a 1-year product warranty but as I mentioned above the company web site has no reference to helping with any problem you might have and even the number one internet selling site simply tells you to contact the seller which will lead you to a dead end.


As I mentioned above, the unit assembled footprint for the Invertio Premium model is 27-1/4” wide my 48” long but you should plan on about 7’ of front to back space for inverting the unit. While the assembled table only weighs 46 lbs. it is bulky to move around when set up.

Shipping weight on this table is listed as 52 lbs.


  • Weight limit up to 300 lbs.
  • Height limit from 4’-10” to 6’6”
  • Extra-long padded safety handles
  • Composite skid-proof feet
  • Vinyl covered hinge protectors
  • Padded backrest with extended headrest
  • Removable lower back pad


  • Very light frame assembly
  • Thin padded backrest
  • Foam roller pads both front and rear (pinch)
  • No company contact support
  • No online access to company

Invertio Premium Folding Inversion Table Price

The Invertio Premium fits the description of a very budget priced incline decompression table. I have included a link below where you can check out the lowest price with free shipping today.

Invertio Premium Folding Inversion Table Review



Invertio Premium Folding Inversion Table Ratings and Summery

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