Inversion Table Shopping Price Verses QualityWhen inversion table shopping price verses quality can make the buying decision even harder. After all the fact is when shopping you will find the following two extremes. First, there are some very high quality incline units out there that have undergone a lot of 3rd party safety testing to make sure your investment will hold up and deliver a good daily user experience. But, at the same time there are a bunch of newer models on the market being sold by importers who have bought the cheapest unit they could have built to look like another product so they could offer you a bargain that is not really a bargain.

In a nut shell that’s what I’ve learned doing all the research for these incline bed reviews. So here I am going to give you a few things to think about when you’re deciding which unit will best meet your price verses quality balance needs. I think this part is what sets my inversion table reviews apart from many others. As a home designer by trade, I come from a background of helping people choose price verses quality for their homes. Everything from space requirements to windows, doors, and siding. Now they say your home is the most important buying decision you’ll ever make, but isn’t a product to enhance your healthy living a pretty important buying decision too. I believe from personal experience that this decompression table purchase will be a solid investment in your overall health.

Inversion Table Shopping for Quality

So what puts an incline table at the high end of the quality spectrum? I have to believe the automatic contenders are any unit that has passed the rigorous UL 1647 standard testing for inversion tables. Underwriter Laboratories has been testing electrical and other home products for over 50 years and we have all come to rely on their label as a symbol of safety, quality, and durability.

What many people do not realize is that a company has to pay for UL testing of their product and there is no guarantee that a model will be built well enough to pass the extensive testing process. Here’s an example for you, most units are rated at between 250-350 lbs weight capacity, but UL 1647 standard requires a unit to undergo extensive testing with up to 4 times the rated weight. One unit I reviewed was tested with up to 1400 lbs. of weight mounted on the table (Read my Teeter Hang Up EP 560 review and watch the videos). These tests include everything from multiple incline angle pivots to unlatching ankle supports to making sure the unit will not tip over with an unexpected sideways jolt.

So it only stands to reason that a unit that carries this label might cost a little more because the manufacturer had to use the best design and materials possible. You have to be willing to ask yourself if your safety and the peace of mind from this quality is worth an extra $100 to you.

I know that spending $300-400 can be a big investment for many people. I also know what repeated Chiropractor expenses cost me over the years. One thing I’ll point out here for your consideration would be that the links I provide for the best internet pricing usually come from Amazon and many of these products will offer you up to 6 months to pay for your new unit as an option. So that UL tested $300 table might be available to you for $50 a month which would be less than I was paying for Chiropractor copays each month.

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Inversion Table Shopping for Price

The main reason I am writing this article about price verses quality is because during my research I’ve discovered several cheap imported decompression tables that I am afraid will deliver a poor quality user experience. While trying to find user manuals for a few models I discovered a trail of dead end company contact information that led me all the way to the Better Business Bureau trying to find contact information.

The problem here is that I can’t come right out and name these products for liability reason so instead I elude to these concerns in their individual reviews with comments about them being a top seller on the internet sites because of price only. Here is an example in my review of the #2 bestselling inversion table on the internet today.

I grew up in a third generation family business and my Grandpa taught me 40 years ago something that rings true today. “I’m not upset with those who sell their product for less, after all who knows better than them what its really worth!”

The moral to this story is pretty simple. Do your homework, I’ve reviewed all the major quality incline units here as well as the popular selling cheap models so that you can read the side by side details of how each is made and why that makes a difference. Make you buying decision based on getting the most value for your investment and you can’t go wrong. I’m a true believer that an Inversion decompression table can enhance the quality of your health and your life with regular daily use. To your health!

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