Innova Fitness IT 9300 Inversion Table ReviewI just finished researching the Innova Fitness IT 9300 inversion table and now I can clearly tell you the difference between the IT 9300 and the Innova Fitness ITX 9600 unit. I will begin by letting you know that I found many big differences in these two models.

At around $100 the IT 9300 looks very inviting at first look. However, I uncovered a few design issues that I want you to know about before buying this budget friendly incline unit. So be sure and read all the way to the end because I point out a few different things to be aware of and give you a couple of good alternatives along the way.



In reviewing the Innova Fitness IT 9300 I found the construction to be one of the lightest frames of any model I’ve reviewed to date. It’s built with an oval steel tube frame that comes completely disassembled. There are many key factors I look at when reviewing a decompression unit like this.

First, the pivot and hinging assembly comes pre-assembled which is good. But it is built with a plastic bushing style pivot bar assembly already in place from the factory and these units have a history of arriving broken. Better built units will use a steel on steel pivot assembly for added strength.

[toc]The backrest is an adequate sized one-piece solid backrest with vinyl covered ¾” thick padding. You will also not find any adjustment in the pivot hinge assembly. It simply bolts into place during assembly. This will limit the units range of motion, but that should not be a big deal because this model is not designed to incline to a full 90-degree angle or lock-out in any fashion.

I also noticed that there is no safety tether system, the unit relies on a cross bar that sets into one of three optional tabs located on the rear legs. This bar stops your incline at that angle, so you will have three incline angle choices. I also noted during my research that several people commented that this bar could pop out allowing the nit to swing wildly around beyond 90-degrees. So if you purchase this model I strongly recommend a safety spotter during use. Compare these details to the Innova Fitness ITX9600 which has a solid four position incline control assembly that will not pop out during use.

Ankle Support

Ankle support for the IT 9300 uses a very basic front and rear foam roller pad assembly. This is not as comfortable or secure as models that use a cuff design pad that wraps around your ankles to better distribute your weight while inverted.

The ankle support is locked into place by a spring loaded T-bar assembly that you lock into place by bending over and reaching down to your ankles to pull a pin-release and then with your other hand, you’ll push the foam front rollers snuggly against your ankles and release the lock.

This basic design is both the weakest and most uncomfortable of any decompression unit design.

Inversion Options

Read our Innova Fitness IT 9300 Inversion Table ReviewThe Innova Fitness IT 9300 unit is designed to be used by anyone weighing under 250 lbs. who is between 5’-1” and 6’-3” in height. Keep in mind that these height settings are approximate. You will need to adjust your actual setting to the point where the unit reaches perfect balance. You will know when you’ve found this balance by setting the height adjustment 1 to 2 settings above or below your actual height until the unit begins to slowly recline when you raise one or both hands above your head.

The IT 9300 is limited to 3 preset incline angles which you set by placing a metal bar across the back two legs to stop the platform when it reaches the bar. Be aware that others have reported this bar can pop out of its keepers leaving you with no limit control which would let the table swing completely around beyond 90-degrees. For this reason, a spotter is highly recommended with this model.

A person could perform limited AB exercises at the set incline angles but there is no breaking control to lock the unit in one place and this model is not capable of inclining beyond about 75-degrees in angle. Expect your three incline options to be about 20-degrees, 45-degrees, and 75-degrees.

There is a lower cross bar on the rear legs that would serve as incline stretch handles in the lowest incline setting. You will also find padded safety incline control handles on both sides of the frame.

Innova Fitness IT9300 Review Video

This video actually pictures the Elite Fitness IT9300 model which is a twin to the Innova Fitness IT9300.

Assembly & Storage

The assembly instruction and user manual that comes with your new Innova Fitness IT 9300 is fairly easy to follow and does include good pictures and English instructions. There are many small parts to assemble, so I would allow about one hour for putting your new unit together.

Innova Fitness IT 9300 dimensionsWhen it comes to assembled space requirements you should plan on, the actual foot print is 27” wide by 50” long at the 4 corner feet but keep in mind that you’ll need about 7’ centered at the pivot point in order for the unit to incline. This also means that you’ll need at least 7’ of ceiling height for the incline process. The assembled weigh of the Innova Fitness IT 9300 is about 49 lbs. making it one of the lightest models available. This probably because of the extremely light built frame assembly.

The Innova Fitness IT 9300 will fold down for storage and you can expect a folded size of 27”x74” by about 17” tall so it will not slide under a standard bed.


I was left with a lot of questions when it came to the safety of using the IT 9300 because of my concerns with the 3 position incline control bar. As I’ll mentioned above, I think anyone using this model will require a spotter, which is a warning I’ve never put on a table. When I looked at, and operated this model in a local store I was not impressed with how flimsy the frame assembly was and the model I looked at the entire T-bar ankle lock assembly had popped out of its holder. I encourage you to take a quick look at my Comparison Chart to view features and pricing options of many units in this price range with much safer features.

Here is a link to compare all my inversion table reviews on one page. With individual unit details and links to each of my reviews.

compare over 30 inversion tables with weight and height and price in one place


The Innova Fitness IT 9300 comes with a 1-year warranty


Shipping details of the Innova Fitness IT 9300 decompression unit are as follows. The box is 48”x22”x6” and weighs in at 54 lbs. This is one of the smallest shipping boxes you will find because the unit comes in so many small parts.

The assembled dimensions are 27” by 50” at the footprint but you will want to allow about 7’ centered from the pivot point of the unit for full incline. The assembled unit weight is about 49 lbs. making it one of the lightest units in my reviews.

Storage size is 27” wide by 74” long and about 17” tall.


  • Economical price
  • 250 lb. weight limit
  • Up to 6’-3” user height
  • Padded incline safety handles


  • Flimsy frame construction
  • 250 lb. weight limit
  • 3 position incline control with no lock
  • No safety tether device
  • Front and rear foam roller pads can pinch
  • Flimsy pin-lock T-bar ankle lock system

Innova Fitness IT 9300 Inversion Table Price

The IT 9300 is meant to be an inexpensive entry level incline unit designed for lightweight folding storage. It’s price will fall between $95-$125 which is on the low end of any unit you will find. I have include two links here for the lowest pricing online today.

Innova Fitness IT 9300 inversion table review

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Innova Fitness IT 9300 Inversion Table Ratings and Summery


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