Health Mark Pro Max Inversion Therapy Table ReviewThe Health Mark Pro Max inversion therapy table has to be the best quality unit I have reviewed to date. Imagine a unit that will hold up to 600 lbs. during regular daily usage. This is the only unit of its type available to the general public today.

Read my entire review to learn the other features that sets this decompression unit apart from all others. I will detail why this unit works well in the home as well as in a Chiropractic office or professional gym environment. It’s even capable of doubling as a professional massage therapy table.


Have you been searching for a commercial grade incline machine? The Health Mark Pro Max certainly fits that order. Turns out that this unit is the only incline table to meet clinic standards that’s available to the general public.

[toc]So no matter whether you are searching for personal use or as equipment for a Chiropractic office or Pro Gym, the Health Mark model could be the perfect choice. If you want a unit that will handle a user weighing up to 600 lbs., you read that right, who stands up to 6’-11” tall, this is the only option available.

This well-built unit is designed with heavy tube steel leg structures that come factory welded together. No flimsy bolt together legs here. The hoop style inversion control system is also made of heavy steel with 5 positive incline limiting positions.

I just finished scooping another Iowa snow and headed straight for my Inversion Table. Now in my mid 50’s I find that I don’t dread this task anymore as I feel healthier and more refreshed after this small workout than before it thanks to my decompression session afterwards.

It’s the only incline decompression unit available that works in both a facing up and facing down user position. This allows the user to perform back extension exercises effortlessly.

The backrest is designed differently as well. It combines a heavy padded main backrest with a contoured crescent shaped massage table style head rest.

Health Mark Pro Max backrestAnother feature unique to the Health Mark model is the adjustable knee support which helps maintain proper support of the knee area in both facing up and facing down incline positions.


Ankle Support

Ankle support on the Health Mark Pro Max is provided by a heavy duty extended handle ratchet locking unit with heavy foam roller padded supports for both in front of and behind the ankles. This system is designed and tested to hold users weighing up to 600 lbs.

Because of the heavy padded design with a wrap style contour around the front of the ankle, this unit delivers a comfortable user experience in both face-up and face-down decompression usage.

Incline Options

Learn about the Health Mark Pro Max Inversion Table at ReviewsRightNow.comThe Health Mark PM is the only incline table designed to commercial clinic standards that’s available to the general public. While this pro grade unit will work equally as well in a Chiropractic clinic or professional gym, you can now make it an important part of your home gym.

Imagine being able to perform any exercise from inverted crunches to back hyper extensions on the same machine. All while getting the benefits of daily decompression therapy. The best part is that the Pro Max is designed to be used by anyone up to 6’-11” tall and with its 25 different height settings it can handle a user weighing up to 600 lbs. That’s twice the weight capacity of 95 % of inversion tables on the market today.

Because of the weight capacity of this table it has been designed with 5 easy to set incline control options as well as full lockout inversion. You simply set the incline control bar at one of the available limits, approximately 10, 20, 40, 60, 80 degrees and you’re off. Whether inclining in a face-up or face-down position, it’s as simple as confirming the height setting and locking into the ratchet locking ankle supports.

Because of its heavy design you will find stretching and other exercises easy to perform at any incline level without the need for a locking or breaking device. This is great for AB workouts as well as inverted squats, back hyper-extensions, and inverted sit-ups.

By design this unit offers the user a pair of full arcing control and stretch handles along both sides of the table.

One last feature that sets the Pro Max apart is the fact that the professional grade table can be used as a massage table with user in the face down position.

Assembly & Storage

Doing Face-Down Hyper-extensions on a Health Mark Pro Max inversion Therapy TableAssembly of this Health Mark incline unit will take a little longer than lighter weight models but we found the instruction manual very detailed and easy to follow. The two main leg assemblies come factory welded together so you begin by building off of them. I recommend you plan on about an hour and a half for assembly and it would be a good idea to have a second person handy while putting together the main assembly as well as moving the shipping carton around.

Keep in mind that when it arrives the entire unit in the box will weigh about 100 lbs., so plan on two people moving it to its final destination for assembly. When planning where to put the Pro Max plan on a space at least 28” wide by 58” long but keep in mind that you will need about 7’ centered at the pivot point for incline and about 7’ of ceiling height as well.

This unit is designed to be a stationary piece of equipment. This means that it will not fold for any form of storage and you should not plan to move it from room to room without help.

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Because the Health Mark unit is designed for clinical use it exceeds safety standards set for traditional incline units. With its 600 lb. weight capacity and additional adjustable knee pads it offers more support than any standard unit.

The 6 total position positive angle limit options are controlled by a solid steel rod that limits table rotation to the desired angle.

The heavily padded backrest and adjustable head rest insure proper back and neck support for the user.


The health Mark Pro max incline table comes with a 1-year complete warranty directly from Health Mark Inc.


Be prepared with two people when your new Health Mark Pro Max arrives because the carton weighs a solid 100 lbs. with a final assembled weight of 96 lbs.

Once set up the unit footprint measures 28” wide by 58” long but plan on a full 7’ of space centered on the pivot point for full incline as well as at least a 7’ ceiling height when at a 90-degree incline angle.

The Health Mark Pro Max is designed to be set up in its intended place of use. It does not fold up for storage and because it weighs almost 100 lbs. it is not intended to be moved around once assembled.



  • Commercial grade construction
  • User weight up to 600 lbs.
  • User height up to 6’-11”
  • 6 position positive incline control at any weight
  • Incline Face-up or Face-down for maximum benefit
  • Massage Therapy quality backrest and headrest
  • Inverts to full 90-degree lockout
  • Great for AB workouts and back hyper-extension exercises


  • Heavy weighs 96 lbs.
  • Does not fold for storage
  • Bulky to move around
  • Top end of Incline table prices

Health Mark Pro Max Inversion Therapy Table Price

While the Health Mark Pro Max incline therapy unit is at the top of the price range, I think we have covered what would make it the right purchase if you are searching for a unit rated over 400 lbs. This is also the right unit if you are setting up a Pro grade exercise room in your home and want to invest in the best quality unit made. You’ll find the health Mark Pro Max listed between $750-$850 online but I have included a link here for the lowest internet price. Click the link to check today’s lowest price.

Health Mark Pro Max inversion table buy now


Health Mark Pro Max Inversion Therapy Table Ratings and Summery

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