Made in America Grizzly Coolers Ice Chest ReviewMade in America, during my research I learned that every Grizzly Cooler Ice Chest  from the 15 quart Heavy Duty Ice Retention Cooler to the 400-quart Hunting Ice Box is made in America. More specifically right here in Iowa, where we hunt, fish, camp, run our side-by-sides, and tailgate like no other. Let’s just say here in Iowa we love the outdoors and I found out during my research that so do the people at Grizzly. (If you read my bio then you know I live in Iowa)

I’ve really been looking forward to doing this Grizzly cooler review because I have so many personal friends who have followed the rest of the herd. That’s right, they all jumped in line to buy a new Yeti Tundra Cooler because everybody they know did. That’s probably because Yeti makes some of their coolers here in Iowa too, but they make a lot of their coolers in the Philippines and I guess if I’m looking to buy American Made then I’d really like to know that’s what I’m getting.

I wanted to know what makes an ice chest cooler Bear Proof, so I decided to dig deeper into how the Grizzly Coolers are made and what might make them some of the best coolers on the market today.

[toc]What I learned about was a process called roto-molded construction. This is the process used to create double wall rotationally molded construction of a near indestructible cooler. Now it’s no secret that all the premium ice chest companies use rotational molded construction, after all K2 does it in Taiwan and Yeti builds them in the Philippines but I’m talking about roto-molded construction guaranteed on your cooler right here in the USA.  Have you ever noticed the Budweiser, Miller, or Pepsi plastic Kiosk stand when you bought your last cold beverage at an event? No matter where you live in the United States that was a rotocast jumbo cooler made by Grizzly’s parent company Iowa Rotocast Plastics Inc. or IRP for short.

If you want to see an example of good old farm ingenuity, check out the video below of an 11,000 lb. John Deere 6420 tractor being held up by a single Grizzly 40 Ice Chest Cooler. Guess they wanted to get their own take on how bear tested tough a Grizzly Cooler could be. Every model of American-made Grizzly Ice Chests has met IGBC Bear Resistant Certification . Watch till the end when they take the tractor down off the cooler and he grabs it by the lid and just flips it open to show that there was not even the slightest deformation of the chest under all that weight.


Best Cooler for Ice Retention

Before buying a Yeti Tundra cooler find out why Grizzly might be a better value with 100% Made in America and a Lifetime Warranty

Before buying a Yeti Tundra cooler find out why Grizzly might be a better value with 100% Made in America and a Lifetime Warranty

A lot of people what to know who makes the best cooler for ice retention? I’ve learned through my research that there are a lot of variables that will effect how long ice lasts in any cooler. For instance, how cold the contents were when they went into the cooler and even how cold the ice was. Did you know that putting a case of beer off the shelf into your cooler with melt as much as 2 lbs. of ice just to cool it down? Or that block ice will stay frozen longer than cubed ice?

One of the best features of the Grizzly roto-molded construction is the fact that through such precise manufacturing the wall thickness of every cooler is so heavy and exact that you can use dry ice to extend your outing without any concern for damage to the cooler. So if you’re wondering who makes the best cooler for ice retention, I think you’ll find your answer below.

Did you realize that if you’re heading out to the blind on a cold morning you could pack a hot meal in your Grizzly 20 and open it up 4 or 5 hours later and it’d be just as hot as when you packed it. This is because it holds heat just as well as it holds cold. (Packing Tip: This will also work against you if the cooler has been sitting in a warm garage and you decide to load and go without cooling it down first)

Would This Cooler Float if it Fell in the Water?

This is a great question because so many people are using their coolers out on the water. The second major feature found in every Grizzly Cooler is the use of closed cell polyurethane insulation in every inch of the double wall space. This is what gives the Grizzly 400-quart Hunting Ice Box up to 19 days of ice retention in a 90-degree climate controlled test while being opened twice a day. You read that right 19 days of ice, what does that do for you if you’re out on a hunting trip and have game to keep iced for several days. Remember here my mention of how ice melts with warm beer, imagine filling your game locker and trying to keep ice.

Back to my question of would a Grizzly Cooler float if it fell in the water? The answer is yes because of that foam liner and its buoyancy. This is peace of mind when someone or someone’s dog accidently knocks the cooler over the side.

Here is another big deal with the Grizzly cooler line. Every model from the Grizzly  15 up has a hold down slot large enough for a 2 inch hold down instead of the 1 inch hold down slot on the other major brands.

How Do I Clean it Out?

Made in America Grizzly Coolers Ice Chest Review Check out the roto-molded design with closed cell polyurethane insulation

Made in America Grizzly Coolers Ice Chest Review Check out the roto-molded design with closed cell polyurethane insulation

This might be what makes Grizzly Coolers one of the best ice chests for hunting and fishing. Every cooler from the Grizzly 20 up includes a molded in drain channel and oversized 2” Grizzly Torrent Twist™ Plug for easy cleanout and drainage. The Torrent Twist™ plug has a natural rubber gasket and includes a lanyard hole for added security. But with the Torrent Twist™ you don’t have to remove the plug to begin draining your ice chest.

Grizzly Cooler Every Detail Video

Watch this 4 minute video to the end and you’ll see every cooler option being explained and used in the field including how the Grizzly 400 was designed to pack up to 3 elk out from a hunt at one time.

How Long Will a Grizzly Cooler Ice Chest Last?

I quickly discovered another big feature that sets Grizzly apart from most of the other premium coolers on the market. If you’re asking how long will it last, then maybe you’ve already read that Yeti only gives their buyers a 5-year warranty and even K2 is not much better at 7 years. When you start talking about how long a Grizzly Cooler will last, the question might be better asked, how long do you plan to live?

I learned that every Grizzly Ice Chest comes with a Lifetime Warranty to the original owner. When Grizzly says they want this to be the last cooler you ever have to buy, they back it up 100%. I think this is just one more reason I’m convinced that Grizzly could be the best ice chest for the money.

Made in America Grizzly Coolers Ice Chest Review

What Are My Grizzly Coolers Ice Chest Size Options?

When I got to this point I realized that there are a lot of other details I had discovered that go together with size options. So I decided to create a table here that will list all the following details of every cooler and will also give you a link if you’d like to check out todays lowest pricing. (I talk more on the possible huge cost savings on a new Grizzly Cooler below) Here is a list of what I’m including in this table.

  • Model Number
  • Average Cost
  • Real Quart Capacity
  • 12 oz. Can Capacity
  • Ice Retention Time
  • Exterior Dimensions
  • Interior Dimensions
  • Empty Weight

First I recommend you watch this video to see how Grizzly really adds up to the top seller when it comes to how they advertise their products. Also notice how fast the Grizzly Cooler can be emptied thanks to the oversize 2″ Torrent Twist™ drain plug.

Grizzly Coolers Comparison Table

By clicking on any average price link you will be able to see all models in that size with all color and camo decal options and check today’s lowest price on each.
[table id=7 /]

Final Grizzly Coolers Review Summery and Pricing Notes

  • During my research I was able to learn that the entire line of Grizzly Cooler Ice Chests is made right in the United States of America, in my home state of Iowa. I thought this was valuable since the two other performance coolers I’ve researched so far being Yeti and K2 are made in places like the Philippines and Taiwan.(Yes, Yeti makes some coolers in the states, but will you know where yours comes from?)
  • Every Grizzly Cooler carries a Lifetime Warranty to the original owner. This is compared to 5 years for Yeti and 7 years for K2, why does Yeti tell us to buy their cooler for a lifetime if their warranty isn’t that strong?
  • Every Grizzly Cooler is tested and certified IGBC Bear Resistant. I haven’t been camping in bear country for many years now (I use to take scouts backpacking in New Mexico) but I still have memories of what we saw the last time we were there and what we had to do to keep provisions safe.
  • I was impressed that Grizzly offered true sizing on every cooler so their Grizzly 40 really holds 40 quarts (see video above) and they offer models from 20 to 400 quarts in size.
  • The last and probably most valuable piece of information I uncovered was that a Grizzly 40 cooler can cost you under $320 while the Yeti Tundra 45 with same capacity as demonstrated above starts at about $430 In fact you can buy a Grizzly 75 for just $10 more than the Yeti 45.
  • The only real downside I could find during my entire Grizzly research was that several of the larger units were listed as out of stock on the Grizzly web site. But this wasn’t really a problem because at the time of this review, every model was available in a variety of colors through the links I listed in the comparison table and these were the lowest prices on the internet at that time.