Fitness Reality 790XLT Inversion Table ReviewThe Fitness Reality 790XLT High Endurance Inversion Table has my vote as a high quality full featured unit at a very budget friendly price. I was impressed to learn that this unit has passed the full UL 1647 standard for incline tables and I will detail in my review what that could mean for your safety.

I will also cover how this unit performs when it comes to full incline workout options as well as what your other incline control options will be if you decide that the 790XLT is the right unit for your home.

I begin by describing how well this table is constructed and then go right into what you can expect from a comfort level from the ankle support system.

I’ll cover every detail about size and weight of the assembled table and conclude with where you can find an exclusive offer to purchase this unit for under $175 with free shipping.


Frame construction of the Fitness Reality 790XLT is similar to that used by the parent company Paradigm™ Health & Wellness in their Ironman Gravity 4000 series. This is a heavy oval tube steel construction that is powder coated for extended life and scratch resistance. This heavy duty frame is the first major part in getting the 790XLT UL certified under UL 1647 Standards for Inversion Tables.

[toc]In order to achieve UL certification a unit must be tested by an independent UL laboratory using up to 4 times a units designed weight. Since the Fitness Reality 790XLT is designed for users weighing up to 300 lbs. this means it was tested with up to 1200 lbs. to insure user safety.

The Fitness Reality 790XLT comes with the main frame assembly put together from the factory. This means you will begin assembly by placing the four heavy duty molded anti-skid corner pads on with 2 solid bolts each. No clip on floor protectors like cheaper models use since these can fall off during use.

The 790XLT uses a well-padded one-piece backrest that is covered with 1 inch of foam and a double stitched heavy vinyl cover. The backrest assembly includes an adjustable and removable lumbar support pad which is also double stitched vinyl covered.

Ankle Support

Learn about the Fitness Reality 790XLT High Endurance Inversion Table ReviewAnkle locking support for the 790XLT is achieved with an easy to set extended pull T-handle that engages a spring loaded front ankle support lock. The ankle support structure features both rear and front comfort cuff style padded ankle supports for optimum in ankle comfort during full inversion exercises.

The only thing I didn’t like on this units’ ankle locking system was the lack of a true ratchet style locking system like the one found on the Ironman Gravity 4000. With this table the user has to press the front ankle locking bar against the front of their legs when locking in and will need to pull it away when stepping out. With the Gravity 4000 ratchet system, the palm activation handle also acts as a ratchet forward and back for the front ankle lock.

Incline Options

When it comes to your incline options with the Fitness Reality 790XLT I think you will like the fact that it is capable of full 90-degree incline lockout. This is great for doing inverted squats or crunches as well as incline sit-ups.

Beyond that you will like that the 790XLT uses a solid tether strap system which is adjustable to any incline limit you want. By simply adjusting the strap before mounting the unit you will be able to set the incline control anywhere from 0-degrees to a full 90-degree lockout. In case you are not that familiar with inversion, 0-degrees is the point where you are laying totally flat. Incline begins at the point when your head dips down below your feet.

The Fitness Reality 790XLT is designed for users weighing up to 300 lbs. who are between 4’-10” and 6’-6” tall. Heights are adjusted in 1 inch increments. Keep in mind that the actual height that provides you with perfect balance might end up being a setting one or two settings above or below your actual height depending on your body mass.

While ther is no form of locking or breaking system on the 790XLT you should be able to perform incline exercises against the tether strap restraint.

The unit is designed with extra-long padded incline control handles on each side. These handles extend down low enough to let you control a full incline workout as well as getting back up when done. You will also be able to grip the rear leg assemblies to further your workout stretching options.

Fitness Reality 790XLT Review Video

Assembly & Storage

Fitness Reality 790XLT High Endurance Inversion Table ReviewAs always I have read through the entire assembly and owner’s manual and found it to be very detailed with easy to follow instructions in clear English with lots of images. You will find the complete main leg assembly put together from the factory. I would plan on about one hour for assembly depending on your experience with tasks like this. The company does include a small Philips screwdriver, multi hex tool and Allen wrench for assembly.

When planning space for your new unit you will need an area 32” wide by 49” long but I always recommend allowing 7’ of space centered at the pivot point for table rotation at full height. Keep in mind that you will also need about 7’ in total height during use. Once assembled the unit weighs 57 lbs. and it is capable of folding for long term storage where it will measure 29” by 76” by 17” deep. So don’t plan on storing it under a bed.

I mentioned long term storage because like most units this model is quite bulky once assembled. For this reason, I don’t recommend folding it down after each use.

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When it comes to safety it’s hard to beat a UL 1647 certification for unit quality construction and safety compliancy. The 790XLT is designed with vinyl safety covers over both hinge pivot assemblies as well as a heavy duty safety tether control strap

The positive locking ankle support system insures secure ankle control even during full 90-degree incline.


The Fitness Reality 790XLT comes with a user adjustable lumbar support pad which can be used for added support of the lower back during decompression therapy sessions. This lumbar support will help in relieving back strain and increasing blood circulation to the spinal area during decompression.


The Fitness Reality 790XLT High Endurance Incline Table comes with a full 1-year warranty directly from Paradigm™ Health & Wellness.


The assembled dimensions of the Fitness Reality 790XLT are as follows. 32” wide by 49” long at the base. You should allow a full 7’ of length centered at the pivot point for the swing of the table during use. This also means that you’ll need about 7’ of ceiling height when used in full lockout. The unit weighs about 57 lbs. assembled, so while it does fold for storage you should know that it is very bulky to move around.

Speaking of folded dimensions, they are 29” wide by 76” long and 17” deep, so it will not fit under a standard bed for storage.

When the carton arrives plan on a shipping weight of 66 lbs.


  • UL 1647 Standard certified for solid safety
  • 300 lb. weight capacity
  • 4’-10” to 6’-6” height adjustment
  • Extended padded incline stretch handles
  • Extended push button ankle lock release
  • Front and Rear comfort cuff ankle pad design
  • Value priced below $175


  • T-bar ankle lock rather than ratchet lock
  • No inversion breaking control
  • Limited to 300 lb. user weight
  • Only 1” padding on backrest

Fitness Reality 790XLT High Endurance Inversion Table Price

I found the Fitness Reality 790XLT to be a great value at well under $200. It is the lowest priced full feature UL 1647 certified inversion table you can buy today. This model is an exclusive offered only through Walmart, so I have included a link where you can check todays lowest price with free shipping or instore pickup.

Fitness Reality 790XLT High Endurance Inversion Table Review

Fitness Reality 790XLT High Endurance Inversion Table Ratings & Summery


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