Delsey Luggage Helium Shadow 3.0 Spinner Trolley ReviewThe Delsey Luggage Helium Shadow 3.0 Spinner Trolley series is a well designed hard side luggage group with a unique feature. Imagine a hard side that opens from the front when layed down, much like you would open a soft side. I was impressed with how much more you can put into a case designed this way and also how much easier it is to pack and unpack.

In my review I am going to explain this feature in more detail as well as share with you how well this case is built with details about the products used to produce it and why this might matter to you. I will also share examples of all the color options in the Helium Shadow 3.0 series and explain how much space each different case has and how this compares to the next larger or smaller case. I will also explain the difference between an International carry-on size and a Domestic (US) flight carry-on and why this makes a difference to you including the difference in capacity of each case.

I will also explain the TSA approved security lock system with a photo to show you how it works and why it adds so much value to the user experience. I will end with a detailed explanation of the Delsey warranty on these cases and a couple of concerns you might want to consider before your purchase. The end of my review concludes with my rating on a 1 to 10 scale along with a summery of the key important things to think about when researching the Helium Shadow 3.0 Spinner Trolley Series.



[toc]Today we are all looking for durability in our luggage to withstand rough airport baggage handlers. The Delsey Helium Shadow 3.0 delivers a solid well-built option in a surprisingly lightweight design. First I want to point out that this is the third generation of this design, hence the 3.0. Today Delsey is building these cases out of the strongest poly-carbonate available. It has a textured surface to help make it scratch resistant as well as hide minor blemishes.

What makes the Helium Shadow 3.0 series very different from many other hard side luggage pieces is the top opening design which lets you pack even a 29-inch bag from a luggage rack because you simply lift the lid which also gives you more storage space in each case. Imagine this top working like the trunk lid of a car. You simply unzip and lift it up like you would a soft side suitcase but with the added durability and style of a hard side.

Another great feature is the built-in 2-inch expander in every case size. This feature alone will add up to 15% to your luggage capacity. Just make sure not to overload your larger cases with all that extra space.

You will find durable double wheeled four corner spinner wheels on every model which makes it much easier to move your luggage around while traveling. Each model is also designed with two low profile handles, one on the top and the other on the side near the TSA approved built-in security combination lock system. This is a great security measure as it allows TSA agents to check luggage without risk of damaging it.

Delsey Helium Shadow 3.0 Review Video

Sizes and Capacities

The Delsey Helium Shadow 3.0 series is designed so you could own a three-piece matching set. You will have two different options for the carry-on though. So I want to take a minute and explain the difference between an international carry-on and domestic or US carry-on.

There are really three different distinctions when picking carry-on luggage. First is will it fit under the seat on a flight? Both carry-on sizes will fit under a standard seat and are designed to carry one change of clothes as well as toiletries, a book, and possibly a Tablet or iPad.

Here is where the sizes vary and why. An international carry-on is typically listed as 19-inches because the international flight limit is 20-inches which will fit in the overhead of either an international or domestic flight. If you are looking at a carry-on listed as a 21-inch model, then you need to keep in mind this case will only fit on most Domestic or US based flights. Domestic carry-ons are limited to a maximum of 22-inches in length.

Helium Shadow 3.0 19-inch International Carry-on

Helium Shadow 3.0 19-inch International Carry-onI mentioned above the reasoning for having two carry-on options so the question when shopping for new luggage would be, do you have any international travel in your future? So here are the dimensions of the international spinner, they are 19-inches long by 13-inches wide and 9” thick (11-inches expanded). Plan on 2717 cubic inches of interior storage space with the 2” expansion. This model features a large front opening pocket that will hold up to a 15.6” laptop. It weighs in at 7 lbs. 8 oz. empty.  Here is a link to the [easyazon_link identifier=”B00SWIBSQW” locale=”US” nw=”y” nf=”y” tag=”reviewsright-20″]Delsey Helium Shadow 3.0 19-inch Spinner[/easyazon_link] if you’d like to see its current price.

Helium Shadow 3.0 Carry-on Spinner Trolley

Helium Shadow 3.0 21-inch Carry-on Spinner Suiter

Main compartment of a Carry-on Spinner

The 21-inch Domestic Shadow 3.0 Carry-on Spinner will give you slightly more interior storage space and I’ll describe that below. The actual size of this model is 21-inches long by 14.5-inches wide and 10-inches thick or 12-inches expanded. You can plan on a usable volume of 3468.4 cubic inches of space with extension open, with a weight of 7 lbs. 11 oz.  This is a 22% increase in storage space over the 19-inch international model. If you’d like to see current lowest pricing, here’s a link to the [easyazon_link identifier=”B00SWIBSSA” locale=”US” nw=”y” nf=”y” tag=”reviewsright-20″]Helium Shadow 3.0 21-inch Spinner Suiter[/easyazon_link].

Helium Shadow 3.0 25-inch Expandable Spinner Suiter

The 25-inch Shadow 3.0 Expandable is the smaller of the two check bag size models but it packs a bunch of features to make travel easier. As mentioned above the top opening design is easier to access and offers more interior storage space. The outside dimensions are 24.5-inches long by 17-inches wide and 11.5-inches thick or 13-inches expanded. It weighs in at only 9 lbs. 8oz. leaving you lots of packing weight to the 50 lb. airline limit. You will find 5414.5 cubic inches if interior storage space giving it over 35% more space than a Domestic Shadow 3.0 carry-on. According to Delsey you can plan on storing up to 14 shirts, 6 pairs of trousers,2 coats, a toiletry bag, and up to 4 pairs of shoes in this bag. Here is a link if you’d like to check the lowest price today on the [easyazon_link identifier=”B00VISP3A0″ locale=”US” nw=”y” nf=”y” tag=”reviewsright-20″]Helium Shadow 3.0 25-inch Expandable Spinner[/easyazon_link].

Helium Shadow 3.0 29-inch Expandable Spinner Suiter

Helium Shadow 3.0 29-inch Expandable Spinner SuiterThe 29-inch Shadow 3.0 Expandable has all the same features as the 25-inch model but provides the user with 1/3 more storage space than even the 25-inch model. When it comes to dimensions’ plan on 29.3-inches of length by 19.3-inches of width and 12.8-inches of thickness or 14-inches expanded. Your 29-inch Shadow 3.0 will weigh 11 lbs. 11oz. when empty. So while being much larger inside you will have to keep in mind whether this case will go overweight when packed. I would consider this case for long extended trips only since you may be paying overweight fees when putting its capacity to full use. Here is a link if you’d like to see today’s lowest internet price on the [easyazon_link identifier=”B00VIT3EGO” locale=”US” nw=”y” nf=”y” tag=”reviewsright-20″]Helium Shadow 3.0 29-inch Expandable Spinner Suiter[/easyazon_link].

Other Helium Shadow 3.0 Features

TSA approved combination security locking systemThe entire set of Helium Shadow 3.0 luggage features the same added advantage found in the Shadow 2.0 predecessor which is the built-in TSA approved security locking system. This 3 tumbler combination style lock secures both primary zipper ends while allowing TSA officials to examine the case if required through the use of a secure TSA key bypass. This is a flush designed feature mounted on the handle side of each case.

Every case in the series is designed with a 2-inch zippered expansion option for those trips where you might be returning with gifts or souvenirs that will take up a little extra space. In every case this expansion is designed to give you up to 15% of additional storage space as described in my section on each case above.

I’ve mentioned above the storage capacities of each piece but I wanted to mention that cases also include separate storage pockets built into the interior including a moisture proof zippered bag in the lid as well as latching garment straps in the main case body to help hold everything in place.

The collapsible travel handle has an ergonomic padded design for user comfort with simple one finger release button on top. It is designed to extend to a short position for spinner use and an extended position for 2-wheel pull behind trolley use.

Delsey Helium Shadow 3.0 Color Options

The entire line of Helium Shadow 3.0 products is offered in three designer colors as shown in this review. They are Black, Platinum, and Purple. If you would like to see other color options here is a link to the Helium Shadow 2.0 Spinner Trolley Series which carries the same basic features except a slightly different interior finish but is available in Royal Blue also.(not shown in this review)
Looking for Designer Luggage at affordable prices? The Delsey Helium Shadow 3.0 Series features all that and more

Delsey Helium Shadow 3.0 Spinner Series Warranty

The entire Delsey Helium Shadow 3.0 Spinner series is backed by a Limited 10-year International warranty. It’s worth noting here that this warranty states Limited first and this is because the most common negative feedback about these cases comes from users who have experienced airline damage on their luggage during a trip. Delsey is quite clear that this is not a workmanship issue and not covered under the warranty. The Delsey line is very good about repairing items that may break under normal daily use but they will contest anything deemed to be damage and recommend that you contact the airline for that. So if you are set on buying luggage with an ironclad warranty on their product that clearly states they will repair even after airline damage, I’m including a link where you can check out the Briggs & Riley’s Lifetime Warranty as they are the only luggage company to put in writing that they will repair airline damage to one of their products.

Delsey Luggage Helium Shadow 3.0 Spinner Trolley Ratings and Summery


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