Delsey Luggage Comparison TableThis Delsey Luggage Comparison Table is designed to bring every model we have reviewed together in one easy to navigate table. This should help you narrow down your review choices.

You can read any review by simply clicking its name in the comparison table. With our Delsey luggage comparisons you can click the arrow in any column to quickly sort information by that topic. You can also use the search box to quickly filter data, for instance only want to look at certain size products? Just enter the size in that box.
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Model Name

This describes which Series and model product is described on the line. It also serves as a link if you would like to read my in-depth review of this model.
Search over 50 suitcases including soft sides and hard sides by Delsey Luggage with detailed reviews of each

Delsey Luggage Price Range

The price range section gives you current price ranges of this case and also serves as a link if you’d like to check the lowest internet price right now.

Soft Side or Hard Side

As the title implies this is an easy way to separate the two types of cases if you are searching for a particular style.

Delsey Luggage Dimensions

These are interior space dimensions only. Please refer to my individual reviews for the exterior case dimensions.

Delsey Luggage Weight

This refers to the weight of the entire case when empty. This can be valuable when deciding between different model suitcases since the empty weight can effect how much storage weight you have left before hitting the dreaded overweight charge.

Number of Wheels

Are you looking for a 4 wheel spinner model or maybe a 2 wheel pull behind trolley? This section will help you separate your options.

Delsey Luggage Colors

Not all luggage is black anymore and that is a good thing. Here is a quick way to know what your color choices will be for a certain piece of luggage.

Delsey Luggage Special Features

Many products have special features worth noting on this comparison page. I’ve tried to limit this to the most important features.

Delsey Luggage Warranty

Warranties differ even with products from the same manufacturer so I listed them here.