avoid airline overweight baggage charges with the built-in Delsey overweight indicator which warns if your total bag weight exceeds the 50 pound standard limitIt’s time to pack for that next trip. We have found a way to avoid one of the biggest stress causers in air travel, the dreaded overweight bag.

If you travel by air then you are probably familiar with  the high fees airlines charge today if your bag exceeds their 50 pound standard limit.

If this is a new topic for you then you need to be aware that much has changed over the years with regard to weight restrictions on most airlines. Today most airlines put a 50 pound weight limit on standard bag fees and implement much higher surcharges when a bag exceeds that weight by even a single pound.

Because the overweight bag charges added by many major airlines can range from $25 to $100 per bag it’s important to keep your bag weight below this standard handling limit.

Let’s face it, it can be stressful enough putting together your vacation packing list without having to second guess whether you’ve packed to much into each bag.

So how do you avoid getting hit by this surprise when you arrive at the airport? We think the best answer is the patent pending Delsey overweight indicator which automatically alerts you to a bag weighing over 50 pounds by simply lifting the top handle. (See image above)

The Delsey overweight indicator system is very easy to use. You simply pack the bag for your trip. Then you set the bag upright and lift it up by the top T-handle. A red indicator will show on the overweight indicator if the bag exceeds 50 pounds allowing you to adjust the luggage content at home.

This Delsey overweight indicator was designed for checked baggage in the larger 25″ and 29″ spinner trolley luggage classes as well as their garment bag spinner trolley luggage. Delsey has done a great job of designing a classy series of durable luggage that helps the user avoid the possible headaches associated with checking overweight luggage.

Because the Desley overweight indicator is built right into the bag you will never have to worry about forgetting it, it will be right there when you end your trip and are packing for the flight home. This is great if you’ve picked a few things up during the trip and are wondering if they will put your bag over weight restrictions.

Another great feature of the built-in Delsey overweight indicator is that it is a mechanical device and not battery operated. This means you won’t be caught out of the country with dead batteries that can cost considerably more out of the states.

Desley has built this handy feature into a whole series of products. So I decided to give you some more reading about all the Delsey Hyperlite models with Overweight Indicator here.

You will never have to pack in fear of the 50 pound checked bag weight restriction or the embarrassment of shuffling luggage content around at the baggage check again once you have invested in Delsey’s stylish spinner trolley luggage with the patent pending overweight indicator technology.

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