Inversion Table Comparison Guide

Compare inversion table reviews side by side searchable with features, limits, ratings, costs in an easy to search formatI’ll be researching over 50 inversion units for you right here. This page is where you can compare all of the inversion table reviews I have completed in a side by side fashion. I’ve included key details of each model here so that you can quickly narrow down the products you’d like to learn more about.

You can read any review by simply clicking its name in the comparison table. With our inversion table comparisons you can click the arrow in any column to quickly sort information by that topic. You can also use the search box to quickly filter data, for instance only want to look at certain brand products? Just enter the brand name in that box.

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Inversion Table Comparison Guide Criteria


This describes both the brand and primary model number of each unit. This can be helpful because some models have slightly different model numbers to include optional features.


This section gives you a quick way to compare average cost of different models. You can click any price to get a best cost with shipping info on that table.


Our inversion table comparisons rating system is set up on a 1-10 scale which is averaged over the following categories. Construction, Ankle Support, Inversion Options, Assembly, Safety, and Price. Each review has a detailed listing of these ratings for that product along with information about why it got the rating.

Ankle Support

Ankle support is a top priority for inversion, so here I give you a quick comparison of how each model locks and what type of front and rear pads it uses. You can learn more about ankle support by reading Inversion Table Terminology.

Weight Limit

Since most inversion tables are listed for users that range in height between 5′-1″ and 6′-6″, I decided that the tables weight limit was a good way to compare here.

Inversion Options

Here I want to separate two main features of inversion. How does the table limit the angle of inversion and does it have any type of break system to lock the table in at a specific angle. Keep in mind that many tables which do not lock in place can still be used for lock-out type fitness routines, I cover that in each review.


Simply put, I’m only addressing if a unit will fold up in some way or if its a solid frame that does not fold. Individual reviews will detail how well a unit folds for storage which also takes into account its bulk and weight.

Unit Weight

This is a valuable comparison because it’s helpful if you plan to store or move the unit around, but it also gives insight into how well a unit is built.

Special Features

Just a highlight of special features on this model not found on every inversion table.

Be sure and check out my other Inversion Table Buying Advice if you still have questions as to which incline unit is right for you.


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