These 6.5" speakers are great for medium to large sized areas such as a patio and or medium to large sized backyards or poolsToday there are a lot of choices when it comes to Bluetooth outdoor speakers, so how do you know which ones to pick? We just finished doing some in-depth research on the Bluetooth Outdoor Rock Speaker Pair by Sound Appeal and decided that we wanted to share this best in class speaker review with you.

We wanted to do a feature article on a quality rock style outdoor Bluetooth speaker and found this paired set to be perfect. So many people these days are wanting to avoid having to string speaker wire across their entire yard to enjoy music outdoors, so how perfect is this speaker pair designed to blend into your landscaping as grey slate granite finished rocks.

How about we finish with all the hype and get down to why we felt this was ultimately the best Bluetooth outdoor rock speaker system you can find.

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Power or Sound Source


[toc]Because the  Sound Appeal Bluetooth outdoor rock speaker system delivers its sound source through Bluetooth technology there are only 3 simple requirements to get this system up and running.

First the main speaker unit requires a 110Volt power outlet which you will plug the included 8′ long power cord into. The satellite speaker does not require its own 110Volt power source but instead connects to the main speaker as a slave unit with the 20′ long speaker wire provided.

Speaker Design

The multilayer cabinets are built to withstand extreme temperatures both hot and coldThese Sound Appeal Bluetooth outdoor rock speakers are designed with two different drivers in each speaker enclosure. The low to mid frequency range is delivered through a 6.5″ speaker and your highs come from a 1″ dome tweeter. The amplifier system is designed to deliver 40 watts RMS total with a frequency response of: 35Hz to 20kHZ so while these speakers will deliver good sound quality at reasonable levels don’t expect them to blast out the bass at your next pool party.

The manufacturer does not list the speakers as being either weather-proof or weather-resistant but after reading through nearly 40 reviews the consensus is that all users leave their speakers out in all types of weather with no adverse problems.

Outdoor Speaker Installation

Set-up for the Sound Appeal Bluetooth outdoor rock speaker pair is pretty straight forward. First you will need to locate the main speaker with-in 8′ of a 110Volt power source since that is the length of its attached power cord. Second you will string the included 20′ speaker wire that connects the main unit to its slave speaker and place the slave where you would like it.

The last step is to pair your new speakers with your favorite Bluetooth device and adjust the devices volume level accordingly. These speakers have no volume adjustment option on them, you will always control volume with the Bluetooth source.

Outdoor Speaker Range

During our research of the Sound Appeal Bluetooth outdoor rock speaker pair we found a big difference between what the manufacturer claimed you could expect had what most consumers tell of real world experience.

The manufacturer claims that these speakers will pair with any Bluetooth device up to 100′ away but in almost every consumer review the common answer was to stay with-in 25′ or so from you Bluetooth device to the main speaker in order to experience clean, consistent sound quality.

This is not a real big problem if you simply set up your system to have the main speaker fairly close to the patio or pool area outside and don’t walk around the yard transmitting from a phone hanging out of your back pocket.

Another hot topic in the reviews and questions section on Amazon was: Is it possible to pair more than one set of Bluetooth outdoor rock speakers to your device at the same time? It took a little extra digging but we found the only way to answer this question with a yes!

Since a standard Bluetooth device can only send a signal to one other device at a time (think headphones) the only solution is a Bluetooth Tranmitter Splitter which pairs to your signal and then can pair to two different Bluetooth devices. There is a catch to that, it has to pair to two different products. It will not work with two pairs of these speakers since they have the same Bluetooth id but you could pair one set of these and one set of another product.

Sounds complicated but the alternative is being told you will only ever be able to use two speakers. Hope that little tip helps. 🙂

Key Product Features

  •  Unit has a high power Class D efficient amplifier with 40W output split out as 20W RMS per channel.
  • Dimensions: 11.80″ x 11.0″ x 10.60″ for each speaker in the pair
  • Rated for both extremes in cold or heat without reducing performance life.
  • Simple 110Volt plug-in powers main speak which provides power to the slave speaker.
  • Easily pairs with your Bluetooth enabled device at a recommended range of up to 25′ for best results (manufacturer claims 100′)
  • Available in grey slate or canyon stone colors to blend into your landscape

Sound Appeal Bluetooth Rock Speaker Warranty

The unit comes with a 1 year warranty and is covered by Amazons 30 day no questions guarantee.

Bluetooth Rock Speaker Buyer Reviews

We were impressed to discover that the Sound Appeal Bluetooth outdoor rock speaker pair has over 48 product reviews at the time this detailed review was written. Of those reviews we saw many “Great Product” and “Looks Great-Sounds Great” reviews and thought it said a lot about the product that 56% of all reviews were 5 star in nature with a 4.1 star over-all average. Read Reviews

Above we touch on some of the most common negative comments and will cover them more below in the Pro’s and Con’s section.

Pro’s and Con’s

read positive information from this reviewPro’s If you are looking for an easy to install Bluetooth outdoor speaker system that blends neatly into your landscape then we think you will be quite happy with the Sound Appeal Bluetooth outdoor rock speaker pair.

With it’s easy 110Volt power plug-in and simple connector speaker wire set-up takes just a few minutes and the rugged outdoor design means you can leave the speakers in place through the roughest of weather.

With it’s simple pairing just turn on your Bluetooth device when you head out into the yard, pair them up and begin enjoying your favorite music effortlessly.

There’s not much to go wrong but the system does come with a 1 year warranty!

possible review concernsCons Seems like we read a common theme with regard to concerns people had with this speaker system. The first one had to do with the companies claim of a 100′ range for the Bluetooth transmission. As we mentioned above, almost everyone agrees that you could limit your range to around 25′ for the best sound and connection quality. You will be able to experiment further out once your speakers are installed but it’s better to plan accordingly.

Second concern was for a desire to run more than one pair of Bluetooth rock speakers at one time. We mentioned above that this problem is not unique to these speakers but is true of any Bluetooth system (think headphones) you can only pair one set at a time. We did describe a possible solution above if you missed it.


After a thorough review of the Sound Appeal Bluetooth outdoor rock speaker pair we are convinced that this speaker set is a #1 choice for wireless connection in an outdoor patio or garden style speaker and we encourage you to check out the link below to find the lowest price today!

Sound Appeal Bluetooth Rock Speaker Pricing

For current pricing and availability follow this link:

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