top outdoor speaker reviews for 2015Finding the right outdoor speakers can make all the difference in the world. This can mean the difference between blissful sound quality and scratchy or static noise. At Reviews Right Now we take listening quality very seriously and know how difficult it can be to produce quality sound outdoors.

There are so many things to consider when shopping for the right outdoor speakers, Like:

Does it receive signal through wires that I need to run from a source like a receiver where I have to run wires from that receiver to each speaker? We see hundreds of consumer reviews where people are returning speakers because they didn’t make sure about cumbersome wiring.

Bluetooth or Wireless Outdoor Speaker Reviews

Will this outdoor speaker system work with Bluetooth from my Android or iOS device? With a Bluetooth enabled speaker you are limited only by frequency range so be sure and check the rating in our reviews. Check out items like the number one selling Bluetooth portable speaker, the Amazon Tap.

Waterproof or Water-resistant Outdoor Speaker Reviews

Are these outdoor speakers water-resistant or waterproof? There is a difference and you will want to make sure if you are placing speakers in a location where they could be wet most of the time like near a pool or sprinkler system.

Built-in Amplification or Not

Does this speaker have built-in amplification? This can be important with remote speakers running on Bluetooth or WiFi since the quality of their sound depends on an internal power source.

How Many Drivers in an Outdoor Speaker

How many drivers or individual smaller speakers are built into this outdoor speaker unit? This question has a great effect on overall sound quality since individual speakers are tuned to certain frequencies to deliver purer quality sound especially at higher volume levels.

Every one of our outdoor speaker reviews will address each of these questions and many others in order to help you find a comprehensive description of details you will want to consider when searching for the right outdoor speakers for your project. After all we decided to write these reviews to contain the same information we would be looking for when we shop.

In our outdoor speakers’ guide section search for helpful topics on proper installation of your new outdoor speaker system as well as ideas on how to blend your outdoor entertainment system into the landscape to deliver premium quality sound without those distracting bulky speakers.

Tailgater Outdoor Speaker Reviews

If you are hunting for a more portable outdoor speaker product, then be sure to check out our high performance tailgater series speakers. Where we review the bestselling portable speaker PA system complete with Bluetooth streaming and PA microphone. Or maybe your idea of portable is a smaller Bluetooth pill style outdoor speaker that will stream directly from your Android or iOS Smartphone.

review the Polk Audio Atrium 4 wired outdoor speaker setPolk Audio Atrium 4 Wired Outdoor Speaker Review

We reviewed the Best Selling hardwired speaker on Amazon. Turns out this unit also delivers extreme high quality sound at a very reasonable price. In our review we discuss Pro’s and Con’s of the set as well as installation and warranty information. We also included an option to use this set with Bluetooth sourcing Read More…

These 6.5" speakers are great for medium to large sized areas such as a patio and or medium to large sized backyards or pools

Bluetooth Outdoor Rock Speaker Pair by Sound Appeal Review

Today there are a lot of choices when it comes to Bluetooth outdoor speakers, so how do you know which ones to pick? We just finished doing some in-depth research on the Bluetooth Outdoor Rock Speaker Pair by Sound Appeal and decided that we wanted to share this best in class speaker review with you. Read More…


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