Compare the Ironman iControl 600 Disk Brake System Inversion Table side by side with the Teeter Hang Up EP 960 Inversion TableIf you’re shopping for an inversion table in 2016, then I recommend you check out the Ironman iControl 600 and the Teeter Hang Up EP 960 side by side. I’ll explain the best features in both along with a couple of concerns.

By the time we’re done here I think you’ll agree that these are two of the best inversion tables on the market today. I think you will also be able to decide which one would be the best choice for you to begin a decompression therapy program, maybe take your abdominal workouts to the next level, or possibly both.

To start with here is a quick side by side comparison of the top features in both the Ironman iControl 600 and the Teeter Hang Up EP 960 so you’ll have a quick overview of why I picked these two champions for 2016.

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Ironman iControl 600 Disk Brake System Inversion Table

As the name implies, the top feature of the Ironman iControl 600 Disk Brake inversion system is our top contender for anyone who wants a unit they can lock into any infinite position for a secure decompression session or to perform an AB workout at any angle up to 90-degree full inversion. One possible concern might be the absence of an tether safety system. Control of the inversion process is solely in the hands of the user with the friction braking system.

Ironman iControl 600 Disk Brake System Inversion Table ReviewThere are very few units on the market that offer any type of true locking system and even fewer that give you a solid dependable infinite option. When I talk about dependable it’s because the iControl 600 has earned the UL 1647 certification for inversion tables. This certification is only issued by Underwriters Laboratory independent testing after they perform thousands of test cycles at up to 10 times the units rated weight capacity.

The iControl 600 has been designed with maximum comfort in mind. It has a 2.75” thick ribbed foam backrest designed for natural ventilation while in use. If you’ve ever been on a standard inversion table for any time, then you know how easy it is to begin sweating on the traditional flat vinyl covered foam backrest.

The Ironman iControl 600 inversion table features an easy reach one handed extended ankle locking and release handle. This will allow you to get in and out without having to bend down to your toes like many other units. I think you will like the rear mounted comfort cuff ankle pads as well as the contoured foam front ankle pads. This combination will deliver a comfortable experience even under full lockout inverted squats.

The Ironman iControl is designed for users weighing up to 300 lbs. who range in height between 4’-10” and 6’-6” tall.

The Ironman iControl 600 Disk Brake System unit weighs in at 71 lbs. assembled and sits on a footprint of 32” x57” with a horizontal incline length of just under 7’. You will be able to fold the unit for storage if you want and its stored dimensions are 82”x31”x18”.

The iControl 600 comes with a 1-year warranty from Paradigm Health and Wellness the parent company of Ironman Fitness.

If a major desire of yours is a solid inversion workout, then I believe the Ironman iControl Disk Brake unit is the Best Buy for you. It is the only contender here that will let you lock your session at any angle to perform your workout and stretching routine. Of course this feature is also a big plus for decompression therapy since it lets you lock and relax at any position without a Teeter totter effect.

I believe that the Ironman iControl Inversion Table is a great value at just under $400 but I encourage you to check out todays lowest price on the unit by clicking the picture above. You can also read comments there made by people who recently purchased this unit.

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Teeter Hang Up EP 960 Inversion Table

Teeter has taken a different course in their 30-year path to the latest Hang Up EP 960 Inversion Table. They were the first to receive UL 1647 certification for their inversion tables and they constantly strive to make sure every table they offer meets these solid built standards.

When I mentioned that Teeter has taken a different path it’s because they have designed the EP 960 with a ComforTrak™ Backrest system that’s designed with a series of slots over the entire surface. This design give the user two unique features not found in other manufacturers design.

Teeter Hang Up EP 960 Inversion Table ReviewFirst you will feel a free flow ventilation in this unit which amounts to a much cooler surface if you are doing intense workouts or extended decompression sessions on your table. Second, you will have the option of getting the Lumbar Bridge support unit or Acupressure Nodes to take your stretching and decompression session to a new level. If you’re into fitness training, then nothing beats the Shiatsu style message available by gently rocking across the Acupressure nodes once installed.

Teeter offers an optional massage pad that is controlled by a wired remote control. This unit fits the full length of the backrest and gives the user controllable heat as well as a 10 motor massage option. Best part is this unit can also be used while sitting on the couch watching TV.

When it comes to the ankle support system, the Hang Up EP 960 series uses an extended one hand operation ratcheting system to slide and lock the front comfort cuff ankle pads against the front of your ankles. This is combined with comfort cuff ankle pads on the back of your ankle as well. Teeter also includes an ankle comfort dial that lets you move the foot rest up closer to the ankle pads if you’re not wearing shoes for a snugger fit.

The major difference in this unit is the use of a tether system that is set with 4 preset angles for easy adjustment but can also be set to infinite angles. While it does not have any form of breaking system it will hold itself in a full inversion position while the user performs workouts like inverted crunches or incline squats.

The Teeter Hang Up EP 960 is designed for users weighing up to 300 lbs. that range in height from 4’-8” to 6’-6”.

Teeter Hang Up EP 960 Lumbar Bridge and Acupressure NodesThe Teeter EP 960 weighs 65 lbs. assembled and you’ll need a space about 30 inches wide by about 7 feet long when inclined. Plan on a minimum ceiling height of about 7 feet also. The unit folds for storage and takes up a space 28 ¾ inches by 66 inches by 20 inches to store.

The Hang Up EP 960 comes with a 5-year parts and labor warranty from Teeter Industries.

The Teeter Hang Up EP 960 turns out to be a great value at right around $400 for the base model. If you’re interested in it for the Lumbar Bridge and Acupressure Nodes plan on spending about another $90 and looking at the EP 960 Ltd. Version which includes these options. The Back Massage module will add another $130 but if these are features that interest you then you’ll find this an exclusive club because no other company offers these same features complete with the UL 1647 certification of safety and satisfaction and also includes a full 5-year warranty. Click the included picture to see today’s lowest price on the Teeter Hang Up 960 inversion table.

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